Ahmet Dogan Named Chief of New Hematopathology Service

Pictured: Ahmet Dogan, MD, PhD

Chief of Hematopathology Service Ahmet Dogan

Ahmet Dogan is an internationally recognized leader in hematopathology, the branch of pathology concerned with diseases of the blood and of hematopoietic and lymphoid tissue. Dr. Dogan’s work has contributed much to the understanding of the histogenesis of lymphomas, MALT lymphomas, and T cell lymphomas in particular. More recently, his research has focused on diagnostic techniques for hematopathology, including cytogenetic analysis, genomics, and proteomics.

Dr. Dogan earned his MD degree from Hacettepe University, in Turkey, and his PhD degree in immunology from University College London (UCL). After completing a residency and fellowship there, he joined the staff of UCL and rose to the rank of Professor of Hematopathology. In 2004, Dr. Dogan was appointed a Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota, where he also served as an attending consultant pathologist, medical director of immunostains, chair of the clinical proteomics laboratory, and Vice Chair of the Division of Anatomic Pathology, among other leadership roles.

Hematopathology is a new service established jointly under the Departments of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, encompassing all diagnostic and academic activities of histopathology in both departments. As service chief, Dr. Dogan will orchestrate the integration of diagnostic results across multiple laboratories and help foster increased primary and collaborative research related to hematologic malignancies at Memorial Sloan Kettering.


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Good morning,
I live in Maine, and recently my 17 year old son had a rare tumor removed (CD4 positive small/medium-sized pleomorphic T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder). I'm reaching out as this is such a rare finding that there isn't a specialist in this area that's equipped to consult. He's been sick for just under a year, and we'd like to receive input from a specialist with this specific area of expertise. I know that Dr. Ahmet Dogan completed a case study on this particular disorder and that it primarily involved middle-aged men. Would he have any interest in this case involving a teenage boy? Regards, Heidi LaMonica

Dear Heidi, we’re very sorry to hear about your son’s surgery and diagnosis. We forwarded your comment to Dr. Dogan, and he suggested that you reach out to the Pathology Department via this form: https://www.mskcc.org/referring-physicians/pathology-consultations

In addition, we have several doctors with expertise in treating this condition, if you are interested in bringing your son here for a consultation. The number to call to make an appointment is 800-525-2225. You can go to https://www.mskcc.org/experience/become-patient/appointment for more information. Thank you for your comment, and best wishes to you and your son.