Cycle for Survival Raises Record Funds for Rare Cancer Research

Pictured: Cycle for Survival

The Washington, DC, Cycle for Survival event at Equinox Bethesda on February 10, 2013.

Nearly 12,000 people joined the battle against rare cancers by participating in this year’s Cycle for Survival, the national indoor team cycling event that raises money for research on rare cancers at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The 2013 event, held on five dates in February and March, was the largest and most successful so far, raising a record amount.

Cycle for Survival 2013 took place in ten cities, with participants riding at Equinox clubs in Boston; Chicago; Greenwich, Connecticut; Long Island; Los Angeles; Miami; Summit, New Jersey; New York City; San Francisco; and Washington, DC. Equinox is Cycle for Survival’s founding partner.

An “Indispensible” Source of Research Funding

“During its first seven years, Cycle for Survival has grown to become an indispensable source of funding for research into rare cancers,” says Memorial Sloan Kettering President Craig B. Thompson. “We are grateful to the thousands of volunteers who have taken part in events around the country, generating critical support and giving new hope to all those whose lives have been touched by the work that support makes possible.”

Dr. Thompson rode as a member of “Team HOPP,” along with several physician-scientists from Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program. In all, more than 600 Memorial Sloan Kettering employees cycled this year. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg also made an appearance at the New York City ride to show his support and offer his congratulations to the riders.

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One of the World’s Fastest-Growing Fund-Raisers

Cycle for Survival was founded by the late Jennifer Goodman Linn and her husband, David Linn, in 2007, two years after Jennifer was diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare cancer. It became an official Memorial Sloan Kettering event in 2009.

Cycle for Survival has become one of the world’s fastest-growing athletic fund-raising efforts. As of today, the 2013 event has already raised more than $14 million — up from $8.3 million for the 2012 event. Since its inception, Cycle for Survival has raised more than $31 million.

Although more than half of people diagnosed with cancer have a rare form of the disease, research into many rare cancers is underfunded, leaving patients with limited treatment options.

Within six months of each Cycle event, every dollar raised is allocated to Memorial Sloan Kettering research, so patients can quickly see the benefits of donations in the form of new clinical trials and investigational treatments.

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This was my second year participating with my family and we raised over 11000 dollars!!! What a great inspirational experience!! My husband is a survivor of synovial sarcoma for 20 years !! Can't wait to next year!!

please email to me a receipt for my donation of $375.00 to the 2013 event at Equinox Miami/Coral Gables Fl event. Thank you

Dear Dr. Schrier, thank you for your generous donation! We have forwarded your request to the event organizers in our Development office and someone will follow up with you directly. Thank you for your comment.

Would like to donate in memoriam, Please email address and all info thankyou

Dear Adrienne, we appreciate your intent to donate in memory of a loved one. You may mail your donation to the following address:
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Office of Development
633 Third Avenue, 28th Floor
New York, New York 10017

Or you may donate online using this link:…

If you have additional questions about giving to Memorial Sloan Kettering, please call our Development office toll-free at 866-815-9501 or email them directly at You may also visit

Thank you for reaching out to us.

please provide info for donation, address etc.

Hello! I have donated to many friends who ride through the years. I am interested to know exactly how much of the money raised was allocated towards sarcoma research? Thank you so much!

Hi Tania, thank you so much for your donations to Cycle for Survival through the years. We (and our patients) really appreciate it!

In 2016, more than $2 million of Cycle for Survival money was allocated to sarcoma research, with more than $3 million in 2015, and millions more since 2007. You can find details and additional information on Cycle for Survival’s website: