Donna Gibson Named Director of Library Services

Donna Gibson

Donna Gibson

Donna Gibson has been appointed Director of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Library. Ms. Gibson, who joined the Memorial Sloan Kettering Library in 1994 as Associate Director of User Services, has more than 20 years’ experience managing research libraries and information centers.

Through its physical and electronic resources, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Library strives to serve all in its community — including its neighboring institutions — who have a need for information. “The library is a dynamic environment that is constantly changing,” said Ms. Gibson. “We are working to tailor our services to the needs of our different users.” Library users include researchers, clinicians, nurses, social workers, students, administrative staff, and patients. It is also serves as a resource library in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

Ms. Gibson received a master’s degree in library science from McGill University in 1985. Prior to joining Memorial Sloan Kettering, she was Associate Director of Communication and Training, Knowledge Integration Resources at Bristol-Myers Squibb. She is a member of several professional associations and currently serves as Director of Program Planning in the Knowledge Management Division of the Special Libraries Association.