Geoffrey Beene Rock Stars of Science™ Campaign Features Memorial Sloan Kettering Researchers

Pictured: 2012 Rock Stars of Science

(From left) Cancer biologist Johanna Joyce, Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center Chair Scott Lowe, cancer biologist Andrea Ventura, Memorial Sloan Kettering President and CEO Craig Thompson, Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry, Deputy Physician-in-Chief of Breast Cancer Programs Larry Norton, and physician-scientist Ping Chi

The Geoffrey Beene Foundation is featuring six Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers in its current Rock Stars of Science campaign. Now in its third year, the campaign is showcasing scientists exclusively from Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center. The scientists are featured in GQ magazine’s December “Men of the Year” issue, along with Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry, named the founding father of the campaign.

Rock Stars of Science aims to showcase the critical need for funding scientific research. This year’s videos and public service announcements feature Memorial Sloan Kettering President and CEO Craig B. Thompson, Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center Chair Scott W. Lowe, Deputy Physician-in-Chief of Breast Cancer Programs Larry Norton, former Geoffrey Beene Junior Faculty Chair and cancer biologist Johanna Joyce, and current Geoffrey Beene Junior Faculty Chairs cancer biologist Andrea Ventura and physician-scientist Ping Chi.

“The Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center takes a new approach to modern cancer research, with the ultimate goal of translating basic science discoveries into new ways of thinking about treating cancer,” Dr. Lowe says.

Advancing Scientific Research

The Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center was established at Memorial Sloan Kettering in 2006 and has continued to be funded annually by the Geoffrey Beene Foundation and Geoffrey Beene, LLC. The goal of Geoffrey Beene is to provide direct support for revolutionary new cancer research, ultimately making cancer a more manageable, and potentially curable, disease.

More than $126 million to date has been awarded to Memorial Sloan Kettering for the Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center and projects pursued by its scientists. The center brings together laboratory investigators from the Sloan Kettering Institute’s Cancer Biology and Genetics Program and physician-scientists from the Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program, in an effort to speed the translation of research from the lab to patients in the clinic.

“Our goal is not only to cure patients who have cancer, but ultimately to prevent it,” Dr. Thompson says. “Through its support, the Geoffrey Beene Foundation allows us to recruit the best possible minds in science, and the Rock Stars of Science campaign helps us shine a light on the importance of cancer research.”

Learn more about the Rock Stars of Science and watch videos about their research.


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Appreciate your dedication and commitment for all you do! Many Thanks!~

It's wonderful to see these dedicated, hard working scientists, researchers and physicians receive the recognition they deserve. They are responsible for saving lives and it's time they received the recognition a rock star takes for granted. Thanks, Joe Perry, for thinking of this cool way to bring their hard work to the public so that they get a bit of star treatment.

Thank you for what you are doing with your life! You are helping make the world a better place!

Extraordinary people doing an outstanding job.

We are grateful for your commitment and hard work...

We are grateful for your efforts....

There is something definitely wrong with the picture when sports stars are paid millions of dollars but most scientists toil in obscurity for a pittance. It's time humanity got its priorities straight. Great job guys and gals.

It is so good to read about people who are doing so much good for humanity, instead of trying to destroy each other physically and emotionally . You are the true heroes!

Thank you so much, for your work is so extraordinary. I agree that the world should recognize your sacrifice as our rock stars. For my family and friends, thank you for your seemingly endless endeavors.

Thanks for all the great work you all do!

Thank you for the good dedicated work that you all do.

Thank you for the great work you do.

You are truly heroes! Thank you for your amazing work.

Keep up the good work!

It's important what you do because only that way you can one day win the cancer totally

Felicitaciones !!! : )

If only governments realised that the work you do is some of the most important in the world and pour all the funding that they waste on wars and other destructive things, into YOUR area of research.. How can we possibly thank you enough for the amazing work you do and all the people how owe their lives to you. God bless you in everything you do! Thanks from all those who's lives you have saved!

It's great!

It takes research to do, or make most anything. I am happy to see that your work and time is being seen. Thank you for being.

Its people like you that make this planet a better world to live in, and I also want to thank the people in your lives, your families your children who are there everyday and who are your support network, who help you do what you do to make this a better word, you are my hero's

You are a wonderful inspiration to us all and should be very proud of your accomplishments.

Thank you for taking the time to care. Blessings to all of you.

Great work!

Thanx :-)

Compassion speaks for itself, and all of you have it. Cancer in any form is a vicious beast with no regard for any living being! I have lost both family members and in my extended family which are my pets. Never stop trying to achieve better treatment plans or striving for a cure, it is because of all those working with dedication and love to make cancer more treatable or manageable or anything, that gives hope for a better tomorrow. Thank you with all my heart, you make a difference . Just showing up for work, it all matters. May God bless your lives always! Thank you!

Thanks for all you do !
Someday we will beat it !!!!!!

Life is as beautiful as music, just because of you all.

I thank you for your dedication to ethical research & discoveries. Your commitment gives many people hope for improvement in their lives, and in the lives of their loved ones. Thank you.

Humanity is indebted to you forever !


Thank you all for your dedication and altruism! Hope your names will be connected to the discovery of a cure that would end cancer once and for all! Good luck and never lose hope!

Yes, these are unsung heroes. Re. scientific research: We need also to take very seriously those scientists working on global warming for that in the end may be even more serious than medical research. We could have numerious superstorms and eventually oblivion of the planet for humans, in which case it would not matter what diseases we have. But currently we naad and applaud medical research.

Andrea not only are you are a incredible man (as are all your team). But you are extremely good looking too! Are you married?

Fantastic. There are no words to thank.

Thank you so much for your hard work. Science is often an unappreciated, long term investment.

Thank you

Thank you !

Thank You so mutch!

Great job!

God bless you for sincerely trying to help the people in this World- and your work in making this Earth a better place. Will be praying for all of you that more opportunities will be provided for you so that you can ever continue to use your talents for the good of many.

Thank you so much! You're all doing a great job!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the hard work you are doing for cancer research. I love that you are going to work on prevention as well as cure. This is so important.

Thank you for all the hard, meticulous work you do. Probably quite a thankless task day by day - but then the breakthrough ! ! ! ! ! And help for so many people. Yes, many, many thanks.

How great,that you are using the good that you have,to find help and cure against the terrible disease cancer! Thank for that!

Thank you all for your dedication and knowledgeable input -- you truly save lives and it's much appreciated.

Keep up the good fight knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of many. "Never Give Up - Give up Never". Winston Churchill.


THANK YOU for helping make the world a better place!!! You are truly Rock Stars in all ways possible!!! God bless!

Thank you, keep up the good work !:)