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Carol Brown, MD
Spotlighting Women’s Health and Gynecologic Cancer
A team of experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering shared their insights on gynecologic cancer and women’s health in an Information Session for patients, caregivers and those at increased risk for the diseases.
In the Clinic
Researchers Roisin O'Cearbhaill and Christopher Klebanoff
T Cell Therapies Offer a New Way to Treat Gynecologic Cancers
MSK is a leader in developing new types of immunotherapy for gynecologic cancers, including tumors of the cervix, ovaries, and uterus.
Lisa M. DeAngelis
Physician-in-Chief Lisa M. DeAngelis Recognized on Avenue Magazine’s Power List 2020
DeAngelis is acknowledged for her groundbreaking research in the field of neuro-oncology over her more than 30-year career.
Memorial Sloan Kettering exercise scientist Lee Jones
How Can Exercise Help People with Prostate Cancer?
People with prostate cancer can benefit from exercise in more ways than they might expect.
In the Clinic
Memorial Sloan Kettering structural biologist Christopher Lima and physician-scientist Michael Glickman
MSK Antibody Test Will Aid Understanding of Immune Response to COVID-19 Virus
An antibody test developed at MSK could shed light on the immune response to the COVID-19 virus.
Regulatory proteins (gold balls) bind to enhancer regions (light blue) and promoter regions (pink) of DNA to form clusters that enable transcription (purple).
Going the Distance: How DNA Enhancers Communicate with Their Target Genes
Scientists at the Sloan Kettering Institute are learning how far-flung regions of genes connect to start the process of making proteins.
Pathologist Matthew Hanna in front of a microscope
Innovation Changes the Way MSK’s Pathology Team Cares for Patients during COVID-19 Pandemic
Collaboration leads to a new digital pathology tool that allows some doctors to diagnose patient tumors from home.
In the Clinic
Piro Lito, Bob Li, and Neal Rosen in the lab
Promising Results from the First-Ever Trial of a Drug that Blocks Cancer Gene KRAS
The drug, sotorasib, is targeted against a cancer-causing protein that has long been considered an “undruggable” target.
ESMO 2020
MSK Experts Featured at the ESMO Virtual Congress 2020
MSK physicians and scientists are involved in notable research to be presented during the virtual meeting.
Nurse practitioner Emily Sarro helps coordinate care for patients in MSK’s Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA at MSK) program.
Empowering Adolescents and Young Adults: The AYA at MSK Program
Cancer is tough, no matter the age. But adolescents and young adults with cancer face a whole host of unique challenges, including delayed diagnoses. MSK created an Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA at MSK) program which unites experts across 16 specialties.