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MSK medical oncologist and genitourinary cancer specialist Emily Feld
Interpreting Bladder Cancer Symptoms in Men vs. Women: What You Should Know
Learn what bladder cancer symptoms can mean in men and women.
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Nancy Schroeder and her husband Mark
New Checkpoint Inhibitor Immunotherapy Treatment for Advanced Melanoma Shows Promise
Results from a phase 2 clinical trial report a combination of two checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy drugs given before melanoma surgery prevents this aggressive skin cancer from coming back. This new drug combination also has fewer side effects than other immunotherapy treatments.
MSK hematologic oncologist Saad Usmani, who specializes in treating multiple myeloma.
FDA Approves Teclistamab, a Promising New Drug for Multiple Myeloma Targeting BCMA and CD3 Proteins
Learn how FDA approval of a new multiple myeloma drug will brighten the outlook for people with resistant forms of the disease.
Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Peter Cordeiro specializes in implants and flap surgery for women with breast cancer
Implant vs. Flap Breast Reconstruction Surgery: How To Decide
Memorial Sloan Kettering plastic and reconstructive surgeon Peter Cordeiro describes breast reconstruction options for women undergoing mastectomy, including implants, flap surgery, TRAM flap, and DIEP flap, and more.
Medical oncologist Ghassan Abou-Alfa led the clinical trial that resulted in the FDA’s approval of a new combination therapy for hepatocellular cancer.
FDA Approves New Immunotherapy Combination To Treat Advanced Liver Cancer
Patients with inoperable advanced liver cancer have a new option for treatment to extend their lives.
Man and son selfie outdoors.
New MRI-Guided Radiation for Prostate Cancer Destroys Tumors With Great Precision
Learn how MSK doctors deliver intense doses of radiation with great precision using MRI guidance.
Rachel Samuels Rand (l) with her husband, Brendan Rand.
3-D Nipple Tattoos After Breast Cancer Surgery: An MSK Specialty
Learn how specialists at Memorial Sloan Kettering tattoo highly realistic nipples and areolas on people who have had them removed during surgery for breast cancer.
Memorial Sloan Kettering breast cancer patient Linda Dow
When Breast Cancer Surgery Isn’t an Option, Cryoablation Can Offer Hope
Learn about cryoablation for breast cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
A slide being reviewed under a microscope
MSK Research Highlights, October 13, 2022
New research from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) and the Sloan Kettering Institute suggests a therapeutic strategy to overcome resistance to PRMT5 inhibition in lymphoma; finds safety and clinical benefit using an engineered adenovirus in combination with immunotherapy against PD-1-resistant melanoma; and uncovers a new type of immune cell that plays a key role in establishing a healthy gut microbiome.
MSK surgeon and urologic cancer specialist Eugene Pietzak
UTI or Cancer: What To Know About Blood in the Urine
Learn what blood in the urine may mean, and why you should never ignore it.