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Advanced Practice Provider (APP) nurse practitioner Jennifer Cagney
COVID-19 Didn’t Stop These Nursing Students from Getting a Peek at a Career at MSK
Learn how pre-health students at Hunter College can get a feel for a career at MSK.
Memorial Sloan Kettering immunologist Frederic Geissmann
Feel the Burn: Researchers Identify Fat Storage Protein That Could Be Key to Alleviating Obesity
Researchers discover how immune cells called macrophages regulate whether fat is stored or burned.
MSK cancer biologist Triparna Sen
MSK Scientists Reveal Biology of Shape-Shifting Lung Cancer
Lung cancer has an uncanny ability to change its identity to resist drugs. Researchers are learning what drives these changes.
MSK physician-scientist Vinod Balachandran.
Can mRNA Vaccines Fight Pancreatic Cancer? MSK Clinical Researchers Are Trying to Find Out
Learn how MSK researchers are deploying mRNA vaccines against pancreatic cancer.
Group photo of researchers Michael Berger, Marc Ladanyi, Dana Tsui, Rose Brannon, Ryma Benayed, Ahmet Zehir, and David Klimstra.
How a Cutting-Edge Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Was Created at MSK
MSK-ACCESS, a blood test that can detect mutations in 129 genes related to cancer, has already helped guide the treatment of more than 2,800 patients at MSK.
Dr. Yelena Janjigian hugs MSK patient Cecilia Defoe
Breakthrough for People Facing Gastric and Esophageal Cancer
There are new, FDA-authorized treatment options for people facing esophageal and gastric (stomach) cancer, thanks to clinical trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering that combined immunotherapy with standard treatments.
Elizabeth McCormick, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer was given a surprise retirement celebration by MSK staff.
Celebrating MSK’s Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer Elizabeth McCormick:  Nursing’s Lasting Legacy
After 21 years of dedicated service, Elizabeth McCormick, MSN, RN, CENP, Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer and Enid A. Haupt Chair, Department of Nursing, will retire from MSK at the end of 2021. During her tenure, Ms. McCormick transformed and ultimately redefined the role of nursing at MSK.
David wearing an orange t-shirt and David posing with his daughter, in a cap and gown
David Jay Smith: Living Life in Full Color
Meet David, a patient representative at MSK, who makes his voice heard is as a member of MSK’s LGBTQ Clinical Advisory Committee. Founded in 2017, the committee advises MSK staff on the clinical care of LGBTQ patients and provides strategic direction for the advancement of care for LGBTQ populations.
Woman pictured with son in EMT uniform and husband in firefighter uniform.
Jacqueline’s Story: MSK Clinic Offers Relief When Cancer Spreads to Bones
Meet Jacqueline, who received important pain relief from a specialized MSK clinic after lung cancer had spread to her bones.
Quincey and Vikki
Vikki Mills: Leading with Her Heart
Meet Victoria “Vikki” Mills, Associate Director of Research Administration Operations at Memorial Sloan Kettering, who is deeply satisfied with her work and delighted with her family, which will soon expand — Vikki is expecting her second child in August with her fiancée, Shauna.