Meet Three of Our Westchester Physicians


A number of MSK clinicians will divide their time between our Manhattan campus and MSK Westchester in West Harrison, seeing patients in both locations. Many of these men and women live nearby and so are already involved members of the community they will now serve. Below, we introduce you to three of them.

James Eastham, Chief of MSK’s Urology Service
Surgeon James Eastham, Chief of MSK’s Urology Service, lives in Tarrytown, and his two children graduated from nearby Irvington High School. Several of his Westchester patients have been asking him about MSK Westchester in West Harrison and when they can begin receiving their treatment here. “This is great for patients — they’re eager for it,” says Dr. Eastham, who specializes in prostate cancer. “We will not only offer the best current therapies but will also have our clinical trials available to patients we see at West Harrison, which is hugely significant. Clinical trials are what make advances in cancer treatment possible. We’re providing patients in the area who might otherwise not have been aware of or sought these options the opportunity to participate. MSK has been a leader in clinical research for many years, but unfortunately this was limited to our Manhattan campus, which isn’t always accessible to everyone. Now, West Harrison brings state-of-the-art care to this community.”

Daphna Gelblum, Director of Clinical Research for Radiation Oncology
MSK Westchester in West Harrison will offer the most advanced imaging and diagnostic technologies in the area, as well as the most modern radiation equipment. Daphna Gelblum, Director of Clinical Research for Radiation Oncology for all of MSK’s suburban outpatient locations, is excited about the technology and the services it will make possible for patients close to home. A resident of Larchmont and the mother of two children who attend Larchmont schools, Dr. Gelblum says, “between clinical trials and the comprehensive services we’re offering at MSK Westchester in West Harrison, we’re bringing the best of what MSK offers closer to where our patients live.”

Gynecologic oncologist Yukio Sonoda
Among the more than 30 clinicians practicing at MSK Westchester in West Harrison will be 15 surgeons. Gynecologic oncologist Yukio Sonoda is one of them. Dr. Sonoda specializes in surgeries for women with gynecologic cancers and has a particular specialty in radical vaginal trachelectomy, a fertility-sparing procedure for women diagnosed with early-stage cervical cancer. He was raised in New Rochelle, and his mother, a prominent gynecologist in the area, continues to practice in Hartsdale. “I grew up in the area and still have family there, so this is really something of a homecoming for me. I know the community well and am glad to be in a position to contribute to it.”