Meet Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon Bhuvanesh Singh


Bhuvanesh Singh, a head and neck cancer surgeon and director of the Laboratory of Epithelial Cancer Biology, discusses the treatment team’s desire to cure patients and help them return to their everyday lives.


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Dr Singh is not only a remarkably gifted surgeon, but a very kind and caring person who shows tremendous empathy and care for his patients. I went to him for surgery although I had resources near my home and am very glad I chose Sloan-Kettering and Dr Singh. I would strongly encourage those who have head or neck cancer to make an appointment for a consultation. He is a nationally recognized surgeon in his field and you will go to him knowing you have made a very good choice for your healthcare. He is as nice a person as he is a skillful surgeon and his staff is also right up there along with him. Melissa, his Phys. Asst is a very kind and caring person who makes a wonderful compliment to Dr Singh as both are second to none with regard to concern for their patients.

Joe, we’re so glad to hear you’re doing well! Thank you for sharing this comment; we have forwarded it to Dr. Singh.

We made an appointment with Dr. Singh after I was told to consult a head and neck surgeon and it was the best decision I made during a difficult time. His credentials as seen on the MSKCC website portay that he is a very educated, reknowned physician, surgeon and researcher but it was meeting with him in person that clinched the deal for me. He has an excellent reputation in the hospital as well as the operating room and is a very compassionate person, taking time to speak to family members as well as the patient. He is a very engaging and easy going person, very down to earth and humorous, but extremely skilled. While surgery is something we would rather not endure, I can honestly say this was a very good experience. All of the MSKCC staff are caring and professional and have the patient's best interest in mind. I would recommend Dr. Singh and MSKCC to anyone who has such a need. They are top notch, you will not find a better surgeon or facility.

Joyce, thank you very much for your comment. We have passed it on to Dr. Singh.

I read the NPR article where you recommend to your oral cancer patients to use a non-alcohol containing mouthwash. What are your thoughts on "oil pulling"? Does this have any effects on cancer prevention?

Edward, Dr. Singh is not familiar with oil pulling, but thanks very much for your comment.

It occurred to me in this week of Thanksgiving that I have not expressed my sincere appreciation to Dr. Singh and his entire team for the excellent care and treatment they provided to my sister in March of this year. They removed her sarcoma, leaving her facial function intact, and equally as important treated her with kindness and respect, and approached her case with the necessary positive attitude to help any person successfully navigate such a frightening situation. Sadly, we discovered this is not the case everywhere, which is why I encourage anyone who is facing such a challenge to not make any decision about their care and treatment without consulting Dr. Singh and his team. They are skilled and understand the disease, but they also understand they are not merely treating disease. They are treating people, and they do an amazing job. Thank you!

Laura, thank you for your kind words! We will pass your message on to Dr. Singh.

Dr. Singh is arguably one of the best doctors whom has ever treated me for any medical condition. Beyond his hysterical personality -- which honestly sold me on him in the first instance -- he is an extremely gifted surgeon with perfect bedside manners. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a head/neck surgeon.

Jared, thank you for your kind words. We’re glad to hear you felt well cared for by Dr. Singh.

I write from a friend's car going home to Bridgeport, CT after a thyroidectomy yesterday under the skilled surgical hands of Dr. Singh. My second surgery with this wonderful doctor at MSK. Smart, warm, compassionate, direct, witty. And Melissa and the staff reflect the expertise.

Dear Denise, we are glad to know that your surgery went well and that you have felt well-cared for by Dr. Singh and his team. We wish you are best for a smooth recovery at home. Thank you for sharing your experience on blog!