Meet Leukemia Expert Ellin Berman


Oncologist and hematologist Ellin Berman describes how a team of experts provides a variety of therapeutic options to patients with leukemia, from standard of care treatments to new therapies available in clinical trials.


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I'm from Brazil, my wife has Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia, and we are planning to visit NY in May. So, I want to know what is necessary to arrange a meeting with a specialist and what is the cost of it.


Dear Isaac, we are sorry to hear of your wife’s diagnosis. To make an appointment with one of our specialists, please call our Bobst International Center using AT&T Direct Access. Dial the access number for the country you are calling from, then 888-675-7722. Or you may email them at: They will be able to answer your questions about cost. Here is a link with more information about our international center and the various services they provide:
Thanks for reaching out to us.

This is a request from China, my niece is suspected to get Leukaemia, but due to local physicion capacity it can be confirmed.
so my request is can I send the checking results to your center for confirmation by email?how much does this confirmation cost?
Thank you so much.

Dear Tiejun, we are sorry to hear of your niece’s diagnosis. If you would like to make an appointment to have her seen by one of our specialists, or have her medical records reviewed, please call our International Center. To reach them, use AT&T Direct Access by dialing the access number for the country you are calling from, then dialing 888-675-7722. Or you may email them at They can also answer your questions regarding cost. Thank you for your comment.

I am a 7 month post stem cell patient for Chronic Neutophillic Leukemia. Unfortunately the transplant has not irradiated the mutation. I have risidual disease that will be treated with chemotherapy or a stem cell infusion. Which would be better to start with. I have not had any complications and all blood atelets hemoglobin and white count has been good and stable.