Meet Medical Oncologist Mrinal Gounder


Medical oncologist Mrinal Gounder describes our sophisticated and multidisciplinary approach to care for patients with sarcomas of the soft tissue and bone.


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i am a 42 year male ,a case of sacral chordoma postop with loco regional recurrence and liver and lung mets with HPR of dedifferentiated chordoma. Got my gene sequencing done from foundation one which shows the following genomic alterations( PTEN loss, CDKN2A/B loss, GTSE1 R569C, MSH3 E622fs*18 ). Curently undergoing chemotherapy with good response.
Pls advise if any treatment is possible for me .

Vivek, unfortunately we are not able to answer individual medical questions on our blog. If are interested in looking for clinical trials for drugs that target your particular mutations, we suggest you go to, and then discuss your findings with your doctor. If you’d like to make an appointment to meet with a doctor at MSK, you can call 800-525-2225 or go to for more information. Thank you for your comment.