Meet the Retinoblastoma Team of Physicians, Nurses, and Support Staff


At Memorial Sloan Kettering, an experienced team of physicians, nurses, and support staff care for children with the rare eye cancer retinoblastoma and their families.

Led by Chief of the Ophthalmic Oncology Service David H. Abramson, our ophthalmic oncologists, pediatric oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, nurses, social workers, and child life specialists collaborate throughout every step of the treatment journey, from welcoming children and families to the clinic, to providing age-appropriate activities for children in the waiting room, to performing eye exams under anesthesia, to delivering targeted treatments to the eye.

Families like the Yackeys, who come to New York from California, receive care from a team devoted to curing the disease.


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Have supported research at MSKCC for 21 years, running NYC Marathon-member of Fred's Team. I never imagined how donating to Pediatric cancer research @ MSKCC would become, hopefully, life saving to a little toddler very dear to us. It is with much faith, hope and prayers that he -coming from New Mexico for very specialized treatments- will be given the chance to survive and live a happy childhood full of fun and laughter and a chance to dream of what he wants to be when he grows up. Thanks for the great work!

Blessed to say my son Luke now 6 years old, diagnosed at 5 weeks old with Uni-Rb and confirmed on November 21 with Bi-Rb by Dr. Abramson. He is hands down the best doctor in the world to treat Rb. He treated my husband 38 years ago under the late Dr. Ellsworth at Columbia Presbyterian.

By far the best group of Doctors ever! Dr. A. Saved my daughters life 10 years ago, when she was diagnosed with Bilateral RB! We Love Dr. A and Dr. Marr!!

Dr. Abramson and the entire team is responsible for not only saving our sons eye and vision, but his LIFE! We started traveling every 4 weeks from Spokane, WA to NYC for Colton's unilateral RB when he was 6 months old. He is now 3 yrs old and it has always been well worth the travel and expense to cross the country for each exam rather than being seen closer to home! The team here not only used cutting edge treatments to save Colton's life, they quickly became family! We love each of them and I know they love our son! We are so thankful to have found them, they truly are THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!

Dr Abramson and staff are really angels, sent from above!! My daughter, Karli was a late diagnosis of rb at age 3. Dr A was able to save her eyes and we maintained a very normal life in the process. It was the answer to our prayers. Karli is thriving, eweactive in school and sports and we are so very thankful to Dr A and staff for that!!!

I absolutely love this team. Dr. Abramson was able to give us hope when no one would. If your child has retinoblastoma, go listen to what he has to say.

I miss Dr. Abramson. Hes been my dr from when I was a baby with Dr. elseworth. They have saved my right eye from the cancer. I wouldnt go to no one else.

My two month old daughter has been detected of calcification in ct scan in left eye with this retinoblastoma and can it be treated with chemotherapy only

My 2 year old son having retinablasttoma he is treated in India by Dr. Santosh honavar he have done 13 chemo +TTT+cryo+ICG
Now suddenlly he lost his vision.
Do my doctor giving him right treatment


Dear Pawan, we are sorry to hear about your son’s diagnosis. We are not able to offer medical advice on our blog. However, if you would like to arrange an appointment for a consultation with one of our specialists, or for a medical records review by mail, please contact Memorial Sloan Kettering’s International Center at Thank you for reaching out to us.

Dr. Abramson is one of the best doctors I have ever met. Kind and precise. His team is wonderful. They saved my son's eyes when all other doctors said it was not possible. We travel from Brazil to see him and we feel blessed we have the opportunity to be cared for by this team.

Dear Cristiane, thank you for sharing your positive experience. We are happy to know your son is doing well and that you feel he has been well-cared for by Dr. Abramson and his team. Happy holidays!

I have a relative whose 3 year old son is diagnosed of left eye RB recently, they are in China now, doctor there said they can not treat this disease and recommend Dr. Abramson, they want to know the possibility of curing this disease, can you let us know? Thank you!

Dear Cindy, we are sorry to hear about your friend’s son’s diagnosis. If the family would like to make an appointment to see Dr. Abramson, or arrange for a medical record review, please ask them to contact our International Center. For more information about how to contact the center, please visit…. Thank you for reaching out to us.

You are treating my grandchild at this time....bilateral retinoblastoma....I thank God for you and pray for have given us a miracle...I cannot thank you are a rock star!!!!

Dear Jeri, we are glad to know that your grandchild is getting the care she needs from her MSK treatment team. Thank you for your kind words, and for sharing your experience on our blog.

Dr Abramson and his team have been apart of our lives for 18 yrs . Our first daughter had Bi-Lateral Retinoblastoma as a infant she is 18 now . We had a son 5 yrs ago who had it as well the treatments the team has discovered over 18 yrs is amazing . Dr Abramson and his team are the best. They have saved 2 of our childrens lives. We love them to infinity. Thank god for you.

Dear Catherine, we’re so glad to hear that your children are doing well. We will share your kind works with Dr. Abramson and his team. Thank you for your comment, and best wishes to you and your family.