Memorial Sloan Kettering Announces Plans to Build a New Outpatient Cancer Treatment Facility in Manhattan

Pictured: Architectural Rendering

Architectural rendering of proposed building

Memorial Sloan Kettering President and CEO Craig B. Thompson and New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced at a joint press conference earlier today that the institution plans to build a new outpatient cancer care facility on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Pending regulatory approval, the 750,000-square-foot building will be on a site located between East 73rd and East 74th Streets along the FDR Drive, within blocks of its main campus.

Memorial Sloan Kettering purchased the property from the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) in collaboration with Hunter College of The City University of New York (CUNY), and the two institutions will jointly develop it. The complex will house Memorial Sloan Kettering’s outpatient facility along with Hunter College’s new 336,000-square-foot Science and Health Professions building.

Current plans for Memorial Sloan Kettering’s portion of the site are to provide care for patients with lung, head and neck, and hematologic cancers. The facility will include a state-of-the-art outpatient bone marrow transplantation program and other services. It will also allow the development of additional treatment programs that will make Memorial Sloan Kettering’s expertise available to more patients, improve clinical outcomes, reduce the costs of providing high-quality cancer care, and meet what is expected to be a growing demand for Memorial Sloan Kettering’s services as the population ages.

“This new facility will play a critically important role in our overall cancer care delivery system,” Dr. Thompson says. “It will have a patient-oriented physical design, making their experience as streamlined and easy as possible. It will also offer our physicians and other healthcare professionals an inspiring and efficient environment in which to provide care. And because of the physical proximity to our main hospital, there will be cohesiveness among all our departments. We are fortunate to live in a time of enormous opportunities to bring novel and more-effective treatments to patients with cancer. This new component of our clinical enterprise will touch many lives and extends Memorial Sloan Kettering’s historic commitment to the control and eventual cure of cancer.”

“Thanks to our innovative approach to economic development, today’s announcement is yet another step towards making New York City home to the world’s most talented workforce,” adds Mayor Bloomberg. “Not only will these two great institutions play a critical role in creating great jobs in one of the city’s growing industries, helping lure the globe’s best and brightest, but they will pave the way for ushering in the innovators and medical advancements of tomorrow.”

Dr. Thompson also notes that “we’re looking forward to many opportunities for collaboration between our clinicians and scientists and Hunter’s researchers and health science professionals.” In addition, he says that Hunter College’s School of Nursing, which will be part of the new complex, “will allow synergies between their students and our nurses. These interactions will have enormous benefits for both institutions, as well as for patients with cancer.”

Dr. Thompson and Mayor Bloomberg were joined at the press conference, held in Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Rockefeller Research Laboratories building, by Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Chief of the Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Service Sergio A. Giralt, CUNY Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning, Construction & Management Iris Weinshall, New York City Economic Development Corporation President Seth W. Pinsky, New York City Department of Sanitation Commissioner John J. Doherty, and Hunter College President Jennifer Raab.


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Hi, MY first reaction to the announcement below was: "I thought they already have one." I am a fan of msk, So I offer the comment as a friend.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering plans to build a state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
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I am a retired employee,I agree to Memorial Sloan Kettering's new plan in upper east side of Manhattan.

I am a nurse in HHC for almost 27 yrs now. Currently with a nurse manager position. my husband is currently working in your facility for 15 yrs now. in as much as I want to work in your wonderful workplace to change work interest, I would like to offer my expertise and dedication in a new place.

I love Memorial, as a patient and also as a prospective employee. I have been applying for a job at MSKCC for over 5 years and have a very extensive customer service background yet I have never been called to any interviews. This is both disappointing and dismaying however, I will not give up. Since I am a cancer survivor myself seriously understand the Cancer Patient needs, I continue to look forward to someday being considered as a possible work candidate in the administrative area or patient servies area of one of Memorial Sloan Ketterings many Manhattan locations. Never Give Up....a Dream that is what I have learned from being a cancer survivor. There is so much I could offer Memorial Sloan, I hope someday they will call me in and meet with me. I speak 3 languages fluently and have medical terminology background as well as my bachlors degree in business and Spanish Literature... Please let me know if there is a place besides the anti-human internet a human being could go to in order to be considered for honest job opportunities??? Perhaps an address one could personally present his/her resume not such an impersonal site as the internet. After all isn't it important to a wonderful place like Memorial to Keep the human touch Alive!!!!! All the very best on any new Memorial facility and congratulations on all your work sites but remember nothing replaces The Human Touch especially for a Cancer Patient and Family.

Laura, thanks for your comment. A member of our talent acquisition team will be contacting you.

Thank you. I Look forward to hearing from you.

I would appreciate if given opportunity to work with MSKC. I would like to work for your laboratory in accession dept. as I can type 60-65 wpm. and looking forward to serve at your Long Island office.

Sometimes facilities don't realize that one of the best lessons cancer teaches when you get to become a survivor. That the important things in life are love friends family positive thinking giving back and the desire to make a difference in the world. If cancer mental health workers were listened to more than oconologists. This style of loving and life lessons makes for a greater world. More compassionate and understanding employees And what better role model than your own survivors as representatives of such a fine institution. I can project. That it seems to be a conflict of patient doctor messy boundaries and the potential to lose money from a cancer employee. It's a catch 22. Some cancer patients are well balanced. Do self care. Wellness groups psychotherapy meditation and all sorts of other progressive positive care to embrace what was once something not discussed. All of us are dying each day. Any of us can be the light to someone's candle and fuel their lives. Just by being. How much hope could that be to someone who is in treatment feels hopeless out of work. And there wearing a mskcc survivor bracelet,a working compassionate employee is no greater model and hope for the patient. Let me tell you. The best and kindest moments at 53 rd street is getting hugs high fives from the welcoming concierge gentlemen. Hi honey. You are back so good to see you again. Each year I take a picture under the holiday tree with the guys. Bc they right there with love and compassion give me hope joy and remember me ! I feel like in an extended way mskcc is part of my family and life. Cause you all gave me something very special. Giving feels so good !!!!! Deb

Hi, I noticed you are looking for applications for Project Managers, Commercial and financial related professionals for the new outpatient facility. As a former MSKH patient, transplant recipient and cancer survivor I would be very interested in finding out more about these opportunities. I currently work for a Tier 1 contractor and have 20 years experience in Commercial and Project Management. I would love to know what the next is in pursuing this great opportunity. Stu

Hi! I have been previously trying to apply to MSKCC and never got any reply. I would love to join MSKCC team!
I have almost 20 years experience as a Project Manager and Management Consultant. I was treated at MSKCC and will be glad to work here and help other patients and doctors in any way possible.
It will be great if someone could contact me
Thank you!

After witnessing the care that my mother received while going through cancer treatment at MSKCCC I decided to become a Radiation Therapist. My goal has been to become part of a dedicated team, most preferably at your facility, and to make a difference. Since receiving my license in September 2012, I have responded to both job postings, the most recent being Feb. 25th, 2013. I haven't received a response so I assume the position has been filled. I would welcome and very much appreciate the opportunity of an interview so that perhaps I could be considered for future employment at MSKCC, as a Radiation Therapist. Thank you very much.

Thank you for your comment! We will pass this information along to our Human Resources Department. Please keep checking for new openings.

I hope when building this center that a " end of life" facility is incorporated into the plan where a patient can continue his or her regimen within the facility without insurance denying the continuous care and options to try new therapies, regardless what stage a patient is in. End of life facilities should give a patient the means to continue all avenues to survive. If a drug becomes available, a patient should have access to utilize it, within the facility, not told by the facility and insurance, to go elsewhere because "end of life" care means, just that.
To watch some one lose his or her dignity or to rot, without ever having the opportunity to try, is mental torture. Death then would be a welcoming "gift"

My dream job to work at MSKCC and this is the reason I had over almost 9 years now applying for job. I remember at the beginning I understood I need college education to work at MSKCC and at the same time was getting my education I had never give up applying. Furthermore, I graduated from Associate and recently a bachelor degree and at the same I am working in my master already and I still having the hope that one day I would get the call from the hospital. The area that I applied most of the time is clericals job since that is my area of expertise. Having 17 open application and observing that nobody call me sometimes, can be frustrate when I being working in getting my education to be ready. I would love to work at MSKCC because the job they do everyday by saving life and investigating how to cure one of the most painful sickness a person can ever have. The outstanding service the organization provides everyday is admirable and make me and many others to do everything possible to become part of an excellent organization.

Dear Yilma, congratulations on achieving your educational goals! We appreciate your tenacity and desire to be part of our organization. It is a competitive market though, with many people applying for the same positions. Because of the volume of applicants, most people do not receive a response.

Thank you for comment.

After her first two weeks away at college as a freshman, my 17 year old niece was transported to MSKCC and diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma During her stay, she kept raving about the food and how great it was.
Having held food service management positions with NYU Langone Medical Center, CenterLight Health System and North Shore LIJ, I have a true understanding of the unique significance that food service has in the treatment of patients and the healing process, both physical and physiological.
I would love to become an integral part of MSKCC's food service team and play an integral part in the treatment of its patients.

By the way, thanks to her treatment at MSKCC, my niece is in complete remission and just returned to school to re-start her education in the field of medical sciences.

Brian, thank you for your comment and interest. (We are pleased to hear that your niece is doing well!) We have passed on your inquiry to the appropriate person in Human Resources and someone will get back to you. Thank you.