MSK Brings COVID-19 Vaccine to Patients in Brooklyn and Harlem

MSK staff administer COVID-19 vaccines

MSK staff vaccinated patients during COVID-19 vaccine pop-up clinics in Brooklyn and Harlem.

In an effort to improve access to the COVID-19 vaccine, MSK offered eligible patients living in Brooklyn and Harlem the opportunity to be vaccinated right in their own neighborhood at MSK’s Brooklyn Infusion Center and the Ralph Lauren Center. These pop-up clinics held in late March are one way MSK is working to get the vaccine to patients in communities that have been disproportionally impacted by the pandemic.

As of April 6, COVID-19 vaccines are being offered to all MSK patients who are New York State residents and either age 18 and over, age 16 and over who are inpatients at MSK, or age 16 and over who are currently or have ever been outpatients at MSK.

MSK staff administer COVID-19 vaccines
To check your eligibility and to schedule a vaccination at MSK, please use this link. For people 16 and 17 years old, a parent or guardian must call their MSK doctor’s office to schedule a vaccination. MSK’s vaccine clinics for patients are up and running at our David H. Koch Center for Cancer Care in Manhattan, MSK Westchester in West Harrison, and MSK Nassau in Uniondale.

For more information about the vaccine and how to stay safe from COVID-19, listen to this recent patient information session featuring a panel of MSK experts answering questions.