Memorial Sloan Kettering Launches "On Cancer" Blog


We’re pleased to announce that this is the first official post of On Cancer, a new blog launched today by Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Department of Marketing & Communications.

Written by our staff, blog posts will offer readers the latest news, information, and perspectives about cancer care, research, and education from inside Memorial Sloan Kettering.

On Cancer gives voice to what we think is valuable and timely information about cancer and presents it in an accessible and understandable way for patients, their families, and the general public,” says Kathy Lewis, Vice President of Public Affairs. “We are especially excited that the blog amplifies our ability to engage directly with readers, and offers opportunities for our physicians and researchers to contribute expert insight on a range of cancer topics.”

Interactive Features

We will post to On Cancer several times a week, with content including explanations of research and clinical findings, feature stories, Q&As, videos, patient profiles, dedicated posts on individual cancers, as well as views and opinions from leading physicians and investigators.

We are especially excited that the blog amplifies our ability to engage directly with readers.
Kathy Lewis Vice President of Public Affairs

Through our blog, you can interact with Memorial Sloan Kettering in multiple ways: by commenting on stories; sharing posts through Facebook, Twitter, or email; following the blog via RSS; and using the Twitter hashtag #OnCancer.

You can also search for the content that you’re most interested in by clicking on the keyword tags on each post, or exploring the tag cloud, which shows the range of topics we’ve covered.

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A Commitment to Keeping Readers Informed

The blog launch comes six months after a complete redesign of our website. Though officially launched today, the blog contains posts backdated to the redesigned website launch in November 2011.

On Cancer furthers our efforts to build a community among patients, staff, and members of the general public, and demonstrates our commitment to keeping people informed about the latest advances in cancer care, treatment, and research,” Ms. Lewis says.

We look forward to your feedback!

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nice work....I would love to be apart of this:)

Since I had the Whipple surgery at Sloan-Kettering in'07, and my tumors have returned, I follow pancreatic cancer news from many sources. Of course, the best source would be my beloved Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, so I am delighted to sign up.

i would love to be informed by Sloan Kettering

Having worked at MSKCC for almost 10 yrs and then finding myself as a patient, I am interested in all aspects of Memorial Sloan Kettering.

This is wonderful news! MSKCC provides such a wealth of information, this blog will be such a terrific asset to others seeking insight from your incredible institution. Looking forward to it!

Karen Glowacki

The blog is a great idea. Is it possible to subscribe to the MSKCC blog postings so I would get notified each time?

I tried to subscribe but there was no place to add which one of my email addresses I would like the RSS feed to go to. Thanks

Eileen, we will send instructions to the e-mail address you provided.

Please let me know how I can subscribe to the "On Cancer" Blog. Thanks!

I have been living with non-small cell lung cancer for more than 8 years thanks to the genius of Memorial Sloan-Kettering's staff of physicians and nurses. Would it be possible to include info on new drugs even before clinical trials are opened on this blog?

We will post about therapies being developed and studied in our laboratories, though we can’t guarantee that they will become available through clinical trials. Thanks for your comment!

Hey, great news! I also write a blog about surviving breast cancer, so I will definitely check this blog out often! My blog is: I found out about you on Facebook.

I have bladder cancer. It was about to be treated with BCG but supplies seem to have dried up and it is not known when they will resume. Does anyone know of a viable alternative treatment?

We are unable to answer specific medical questions on our blog. If you would like to make an appointment with a Memorial Sloan-Kettering physician, please call our Physician Referral Service at 800-525-2225. Thanks for your comment!

My son-in law, a cancer survivor, is doing a month-long rotation at Sloan Kettering, his housing fell through. Is there anyone I can contact about helping him find a room for a month? Dates are 8/25-9/23. Thank you in advance.

If your son-in-law is coming here for clinical training, he can send an e-mail to with the details of his rotation, and an administrator may be able to provide more information. Thanks for your comment!

i am 4 years i feel cured of stage 2 non small cell lung cancer it seems all the info coming ot is breast cancer i ageed it is need but what about lung cancer thank you j lott dr riszk was my surgeon 16 week of chemo .


Will review

I was actually waiting for such interesting blog, and I think it came timely for me.

Latest encouraging trials

Any new developments in Neuroblastoma treatment?

As a survivor of Stage IV oral cancer, I look forward to posts on Dental Oncology from Cherry Estilo, Joseph M. Huryn or Ryan Lee (who I know). Having radiation to the head & neck causes lifelong issues in the oral cavity.

This is wonderful; always looking for info and updates. Thank you. Been at Memorial Sloan for many year-- you guys are the best!

I have been an outpatient of MSKCC since 2003 for advanced thyroid cancer (ATC). Any new information re: trials, cures, new drugs out there would be of interest.

I was wondering what new developments there are in dedifferentiated liposarcomas. Any interesting, beneficial drugs in the pipeline. Thanks for the blog.

Hi ! My husband has been beating stage 4 stomach cancer with mets in liver for three years already. He had 75 cycles of chemotherapy! We are treated at Sloan and we appreciate all what they are doing for us! I have signed up to receive news from many sites related to stomach cancer. can you please let me know how to get continue information from Sloan stomach cancer research team?


In this blog, we will cover updates in research for many types of cancer, including stomach cancer. If you use RSS, you can subscribe by clicking on the link at the top of this page, or you can paste this link into your feed reader: Thanks for your comment!

Thanks so much!!

I have been Conselling Cancer Patients here in Mumbai(BOMBAY) for more than 19 yrs at TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.
Can you add a chapter for Indian Angle? Can I post INDIAN storoies and perspectives?

Thanks for your comment! This blog is written by the staff of Memorial Sloan-Kettering. In the future, we will certainly write about counseling services for people with cancer.

Thanks to the wonderful care I received at MSK in 1999 with colon cancer and metastatic disease to the liver, I have survived for 13 years. What follow-up do I need at this point?

We are unable to answer specific medical questions on our blog. Please contact your physician to discuss your question. Thanks for your comment!

I can't understand how to subscribe to this blog. My husband has been a patient of Dr. Ron DeMatteo at MSKCC since 2006.

I appreciate your MSKCC cancer care facilities, but i want to know about the cancer care for the poor Indian families, who has difficulites in cancer mangement and due to finanicial position the patient dies off due to improper treatment in chemotheraphy, as they are costly and cannot afford Medicine, i do cancer care monitoring at Apollo cancer research centre at IRBA, Ormanjhi, Ranchi Jharkhand Doing PhD from BITMESRA Ranchi in Early cancer detection and monitoring of Patients at APOLLO, i did some experiments with PH which is very cheap and efficient method of detection, Please switch over into Indian Cancer Hospitals where Poor families resides like At Ranchi.

Please keep me up to date with nsclc stage 4 ,drugs, radiation.

Since I've Had my Prostate Cancer Exams I Have been completely confident In Memorial Sloan Kettering's Entire Staff and Proceedures.
Thanks MSK


I need to redirect the emails that I get from MSK from my old email address to my new one. How can I do this? I've looked all through the site and can't find a tag for updating profiles for recipients of MSKCC regular email. Please advise. thank you.

Melissa, our records have been updated. Thanks for your interest in MSKCC!

Just got back home from another late late daily radiation treatment at your organization ...(10:25pm EST) . My Original appointment was 5:45pm wasn't taken until 8:15pm!! This has NOT been the exception but the rule for the last 6 weeks. Your Radiation Oncology Dept. never keeps it's schedules, who can we contact about this?

We are very sorry that you’ve been experiencing these wait times for your treatments. Our Patient Representatives are committed to ensuring that your concerns are addressed. We have sent them your concern, and you can contact them directly at 212-639-7202 to discuss this in more detail. Thank you for your comment.

My 47 year old son was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma (Diffuse Cell B) in 2012. His treatment was high doses of methotrexate. He was taking Rituxin and Temodour and was in remission. April 2015 he was diagnosed with a mass in the corpus calloum. Drs treated him with methatrexate but 2 weeks later neurological symptoms began to worsen. His speech is impaired and he has lost the use of his right arm. Now his Dr wants to treat him with ARA-C butis saying "there is a slim chance it will work". My question is are there any further treatments or clinical trials for this condition?