Memorial Sloan Kettering to Open New Outpatient Facility in New Jersey

Pictured: Monmouth Center

MSK “broke ground” on its new outpatient facility in Monmouth County, New Jersey, with a ceremony on September 18.

Memorial Sloan Kettering will further enhance its ability to offer top cancer care to more patients with the establishment of a new outpatient suburban location in Monmouth County, New Jersey. MSK Monmouth, scheduled to open in fall 2016, will offer comprehensive services delivered by MSK clinicians and other MSK healthcare professionals closer to home for patients who reside in the Jersey Shore area and beyond.

At a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony held on September 18, Richard Barakat, Deputy Physician-in-Chief for the Regional Care Network and the MSK Cancer Alliance, remarked, “As a leader in cancer research and treatment, we are acutely aware at Memorial Sloan Kettering that there is a growing need to reach more patients, to offer more pioneering clinical trials and treatments that are not available elsewhere, and to provide care closer to home that is exactly the same as patients would get if they were treated at any other MSK facility, including Manhattan.”

Serving a Large Patient Base

More than 6 percent of MSK’s patients live in the area served by the Monmouth site in Middletown, New Jersey, which includes Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex Counties. MSK Monmouth will reduce the need for many of these patients to travel into Manhattan by allowing them to receive all or a portion of their care at the new facility. Similar to MSK’s existing suburban outpatient treatment centers in Long Island, Westchester, New York, and Basking Ridge, New Jersey, MSK Monmouth is designed to meet the unique needs of cancer patients and their families by offering a wide variety of clinical and support services.

Clinical services will occupy about half the site and will include medical oncology, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, diagnostic and interventional radiology, surgical consultations, and ambulatory surgery — simple, low-risk procedures such as breast biopsies and colonoscopies. The facility will also offer access to clinical research trials, rehabilitation, social work, nutrition, and other support programs. The site will also house a new data center, allowing MSK to relocate its current Manhattan data center to Monmouth as MSK’s primary production data center. (MSK’s existing data center in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, will become the backup location.)

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Easing Care Before and After Surgery

“Our suburban campuses are extremely important for a lot of reasons — and one of them is that they offer a convenient point of access for the Memorial Sloan Kettering quality of care,” Dr. Barakat said. As an example, he pointed to the fact that patients will be able to see surgeons for consultations at MSK Monmouth, and that while most surgeries will still take place in Manhattan, “patients can conveniently complete all of their pre-surgery planning as well as their follow-up care much closer to home.”

Jessica Bruzzi, a Monmouth County patient treated for soft tissue sarcoma in 2012 by MSK surgeon Aimee Crago, spoke about the importance of this benefit. The weeks after surgery to remove her tumor were a struggle due to exhaustion, pain and limited mobility. Travelling to Manhattan from the Monmouth area made it “much more challenging for me to go to my follow-up appointments,” Bruzzi said. She continues to see Dr. Crago, as well as MSK dermatologic oncologist Elizabeth Quigley, who is at MSK’s Basking Ridge location. “The kind words and encouragement that I have received from my doctors have aided me in my overall healing,” she said.

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Enthusiastic Welcome

“Today is a great day for our community,” said Middletown Mayor Stephanie Murray. “The response from the residents upon hearing that MSK is moving in has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic, and that’s due to the fact that the MSK brand is synonymous with elite care and cutting-edge technology and research in the cancer field worldwide.”

New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno noted the large turnout of town, county, and state officials who came to show their enthusiasm for the new facility and their commitment to supporting its operation. “I doubt very much that there’s anyone in this room who doesn’t have some cancer story,” she said. “Everyone, I suspect, does, and that’s why it’s very important for us to welcome you here to Monmouth County.”

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Are you hiring a radiation oncologist for the Middletown location? If so who is the contact person?

Hi- I'd like to find out if there are opportunities for small businesses/ vendors to open small shops or vending carts on the premises or provide ancillary services (I am a women and run an event and party staffing firm). Thank you. Jenn

Dear Jennifer, there are currently no plans to include small shops or vending carts on site at our Monmouth facility. We may consider allowing food trucks in the parking lot in the future, but this is currently not in our start-up plans. Thank you for your interest.

I would like to know if your mammography is open because always go to Baskinridge every year. I'm due this August, maybe we don't have to drive up there?

Hi, Emelie, unfortunately, mammography is not yet available at our facility in Monmouth (we are currently only offering CT there). However, we are on schedule to open our site for comprehensive service offerings (including mammography) starting in December 2016. Thank you for your interest.

Hello. I am looking to speak with someone about volunteer, intern, or entry level positions for Healthcare Administration. I am currently working towards my degree for Healthcare Administration. I am interested in the Middletown, NJ and Montvale, NJ locations. Do you know who I can call or email to speak to someone?

Thank you

I was just diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma and live in Monmouth County. Will the center there open as per schedule?

Dear Andrea, we are sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Patient care at our facility in Monmouth County is scheduled to begin on December 12, 2016. Patients who need to be seen prior to December 12 should make an appointment at one of our other locations, such as MSK in Basking Ridge or Manhattan.

If you are interested in making an appointment with one of our specialists at any of our outpatient centers including MSK Monmouth, please call our Physician Referral Service at 800-525-2225. For more information about our locations, please visit Thank you for reaching out to us.

Hello, I'm wondering when the Montvale, Nj location is expected to open? I live down the street from the location and I'm very interested in seeking employment there. I have checked the career section of this website and nothing comes up. Any idea when job postings will be up?
Thank you for your time.

Dear Yvette, the Montvale, NJ, location is expected to open late next year. Recruitment has not yet started, but if you are interested in the future you can log onto and check-in there for available positions. You can also go onto LinkedIn and follow MSK. There is a jobs tab at the top, and when Montvale-based positions are posted, they can be directly accessed through that tab. Thank you for your comment and your interest in working at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

I am a patient of Dr. Virginia Klimek, and had a checkup with her yesterday. Today, Nov. 1, 2017, I received 5 or 6 calls that my caller ID said were from MSK Lyndhurst. When I answered there was a fax tone each time. I don't have a functioning fax, and would like to know the reason for the calls. Thank you.

Dear Anne Betty, we’re sorry to hear that you’ve been getting these calls. We recommend that you call Dr. Klimek’s office and ask them if they’ve been trying to contact with you. You may also want to ask them to check your records and find out if your phone number is mistakenly listed as a fax number in your patient record. Thank you for your comment, and best wishes to you.