MSK’s Youngest Patients Celebrate at Pediatric Prom


More than 200 pediatric patients — from toddlers to teens — partied up a storm along with their families and Memorial Sloan Kettering staff at our recent Pediatric Prom.. The event, hosted by The Society of MSK and the Department of Pediatrics, enables children and young adults with cancer to celebrate life with families, friends, and staff.

The Society’s Children’s Committee secured donations of gowns, tuxedo T-shirts, makeup, and accessories for specialty shops “Promingdale’s” and the “Men’s Shop” so attendees could dress to the nines for the extravaganza. Makeup artists, personal shoppers, and face painters helped the partygoers with any and all last-minute needs.

As always, the festivities featured many aspects of traditional proms, like a DJ spinning tunes and balloons and streamers galore, with a few twists: thrones for the prom kings and queens and banquet tables lined with kids’ favorite foods, including ice cream and cupcakes.

Pediatric Day Hospital Medical Director Farid Boulad told ABC 7 Eyewitness News, which aired a segment about the event, that while many of the children have been going through rough treatments, “today none of that is seen — they’re all radiant with smiles, and they’re beautiful.”


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Amazing! Our daughter Emily Corwin also went to a Pediatric Prom while being treated at Sloan Kettering. We're so thankful for all employees and doctors for saving Emily's life. We'll never forget Memorial Sloan. Spotted Dr. Paul Meyers right away, even though it's been 10 yrs. Thanks to everyone!!!! Pat & Bryan Corwin

This an Amazing and Awesome thing that you are doing for those children, adults, and families. We need so see more wonderful events like this on the news instead of always hearing or seeing something bad all the time. Those smiles on their faces are priceless. Seeing this made my day and makes me appreciate life more.