New Manhattan Outpatient Center Opened in September

60th Street Outpatient Center

Staff members greet patients at the 60th Street outpatient center.

Our newest Manhattan outpatient center opened in September at 16 East 60th Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues. It offers a host of services, among them an innovative, multidisciplinary advanced skin cancer program for patients with nonmelanoma skin cancers requiring specialized care. The program brings together experts in Mohs surgery and head and neck surgery as well as radiation oncologists in an effort to help patients avoid more-complex surgical interventions. Mohs surgeon Kishwer Nehal and head and neck surgeon Bhuvanesh Singh are leading the effort, which they expect to get under way later this fall.

The new facility has also facilitated the expansion of the Dermatology Service’s digital imaging program and a new clinic to be established for people at high risk for developing skin cancer. The program, led by Dermatology Service Chief Allan Halpern, provides enhanced screening services by allowing information about precancerous lesions, such as changes in suspicious moles, to be tracked digitally. It may also improve quality of life for people at high risk for skin cancer by sparing them from having to undergo regular skin biopsies. 

Memorial Sloan Kettering experts in internal medicine, geriatrics, head and neck surgery, radiology, ophthalmic oncology, orthopaedics, plastics and reconstructive surgery, as well as men’s sexual and reproductive medicine will also have their practices at 60th Street.

The clinic spaces will be served by a street-level lobby and public lounge areas with flexible seating on each floor.

“We’re especially excited about opening 60th Street,” says administrator Rosanna Fahy. “It’s our first facility with self-serve kiosks. We’ve piloted them elsewhere, and we’ve seen excellent results, including a reduction in wait times.”


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MSKCC is just the best. The quality of care is just extraordinary.

The best care for patients!

Dr Boland is one of the best Doctors I have ever met. He is very caring and his bedside manner is wonderful. I have been seeing him for almost 13 years.

Dear Dona, thank you for your kind words. We will share them with Dr. Boland. Best wishes to you!

I am so incredibly grateful for the excellent care I recieved at MSKCC for my Sqamous Cell Cancer. Dr. Kishwer Nehal and her team were very considerate and caring, and took excellent care of me. Dr Joseph Disa and his team, who did the surgical closing, were also excellent. Thank you so much - I feel fortunate to have such a great facility, with such caring and skilled physicians, available to me.

Dear Nancy, we’re so glad to hear you were happy with your care. We will forward your comment to Dr. Nehal and Dr. Disa. Thank you for your comment and best wishes to you.