New Thinking on Overdiagnosis and Treatment of Early Thyroid Cancers


MSK physicians are among the thought leaders calling for restraint in diagnosing and treating tiny thyroid tumors that would, if left alone, likely never progress.

This topic was examined in a recent New York Times article based on a New England Journal of Medicine study which found a soaring increase in the diagnosis of thyroid cancer in South Korea but no change in death rate. Likewise, the thyroid cancer rate in the United States has doubled in the last decade, largely due to more early detection.

MSK head and neck surgeon Ashok Shaha and endocrinologist R. Michael Tuttle, who lead MSK’s low-risk watchful waiting/active surveillance program, are quoted in the Times article. Both are available to discuss this topic, as well as the challenges of advocating for less medical intervention for appropriate low-risk thyroid cancer patients. To set up an interview, contact the Media Staff.