U.S. News & World Report Names Memorial Sloan Kettering One of the Nation’s Best Hospitals for Cancer Care

Pictured: Martin Tallman

(Right) Martin Tallman, Chief of Memorial Sloan Kettering's Leukemia Service

For the 24th year in a row, Memorial Sloan Kettering is ranked as one of the best hospitals for cancer care nationally according to U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals, appearing at No. 2 on the 2013-14 list. Among all US hospitals, Memorial Sloan Kettering is also ranked for excellence in gynecology (No. 9) and urology (No. 15), and is commended for high performance in the fields of gastroenterology and gastrointestinal surgery, geriatrics, and psychiatry.

The special print guidebook includes a story about Memorial Sloan Kettering’s collaboration with IBM in “training” the supercomputer Watson for applications in cancer care. The article features medical oncologist Mark G. Kris, Lead Physician, MSKCC-IBM Watson Collaboration, who discusses how IBM Watson will help doctors identify the best cancer management options for individual patients. The system uses Memorial Sloan Kettering’s vast repository of clinical data and research along with the collective wisdom, experience, and best practices of the institution’s experts, gleaned from decades of expertise in treating cancer.

The U.S. News & World Report rankings are determined using a complex set of factors. These include the hospital’s reputation among board-certified physician specialists around the nation, the technologies and services it makes available to patients and the community, and the ratio of nurses to patients, among other criteria. For a complete list and methodology of rankings, please visit the U.S. News & World Report website.


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I agree, Dr.'s Kemeny, Fong and Weiser saved my life 10 yrs ago!

Wonderful to see MSK acknowledged at the top of the list. However, no need to read a survey convincing me of the excellence and dedication of the amazing doctors and all staff. I THANK you for all you do and continue doing in fighting this curse called cancer.

Dr .Murray Brennan saved my life on 3/13/07, after discovering multiple pancreatic tumors. The hospital is awesome, and I believe I shall be returning with other related problems. It is THE only place to go!

Dr Neil Segal and Dr Samuel Singer saved my husband's life in 2011. Best hospital, doctors, and nurses anywhere in my opinion!

Dr. Weiser, Dr. Saltz, and Dr. Goodman have made an amazing difference in my life. I can't thank them enough for building my confidence and outlook on the disease of Cancer. I feel comfortable and positive after all appointments. They not only have amazing medical expertiese, but lovely personalities as well! They are the best!!!! My husband has reccommended Sloan to many of his patients, as well as family and friends.

Thank you Dr Paul Meyers and Karen (1986-1988)

I have nothing but great things to say about Sloan. The hospital and its staff were amazing when I had my surgery four years ago. Dr. Abu-Rustuum was fantastic; a great doctor and such a nice man. I am now in the survivorship program. Everyone is so courteous and efficient.

Dr. Sacchini, his nurse, Kim and Jennifer Rose deserve medals of honor for the care, concern and respect with which they treat patients!

dr coit........saved me as well..he is a master......a magician....and a miraculous man!

MSKCC's breast cancer department is the best! I recommend Sloan-Kettering to anyone who has any form of cancer. I was so lucky to be able to be treated there, fourteen years ago (and counting!).

And I'll add the names of my doctors: Alexandra Heerdt, M.D., and Diana Lake, M.D. The nurses were great, too.

I had surgery 5 years ago Dr Riszk did my surgery I lost 3/4 of 1 lung thank god for him my chemo was done at Sloane in basking ridge NJ Dr Brower was wonderfull I am still here and feeling good god bless all the people at Sloane

Diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer 5 years ago. Just had a 5 year CT and appear to be cancer free! My sister died from colon cancer 1 month before I was diagnosed. I don't believe she had the great followup care I received at Sloan. Dr. Guillem is a skilled surgeon. Also had great oncologists Dr. Chung and Dr. Saltz. I would be remiss not to mention the excellent care I also receive from Dr. Markowitz and Dr. Castiel.

Leslie Blumgart MD, Hepatobiliary Surgery Chief and Ephriam Casper MD, Regional Locations Medical Oncology Chief, their wonderful staffs, and floor nurses save my life in May 1999. In a 6-hour surgery, they resected 2" of my vena cava and performed a modified Whipple procedure to remove a duodenal adenocarcinoma. 6 months of chemotherapy followed. I walked my daughter down the aisle in September 1999 and am currently swimming with my 2-year old granddaughter. I think of them everyday during my 2 mile walk. I have been treatment free since November 1999. My local NJ physican had diagnosed me with pancreatic cancer in 1998. Enough said.

My son, who is now 42, was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma at the age of nine. Thank you Dr. Rosen, Dr. Caparros-Sison, Dr. Jerob, Lucy the IV nurse, and all the other staff members who touched our lives!

I am a twelve year ovarian cancer survivor thanks to Dr.Richard Barakat and Dr.Stuart Lichtman at MSKCC. They are not only great physicians but have become wonderful, caring friends.

I will be indebted to Dr's Philip B Paty, Patrick Boland, the nurses staff & all the caregivers who looked after me in 2003. I am still cancer free ten years later after being given eighteen months to live from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Praise God & Sloan-Kettering.

Dr. Downey saved my husbands life 2 years age when he operated and removed part of his lung. I am so grateful to him for giving us this gift. The hospital nurses and staff were very kind and understanding. We were so lucky to be able to go to Sloan-Kettering.

Well, I agree Sloan is the BESTEST. Drs. Paul Russo and James Rososff took such good care of me after Dr. Russo removed my left kidney. I MUST add that, on the day of my scheduled surgery, I had a heart problem, completely unknown to me. My surgery was cancelled, I was admitted by Dr. Carol Chen who is a cardiologist and took extremely good care of me. I went back to Sloan four days later, my heart was OK, Dr. Russo removed my kidney. If it wasn't for the pre-op care, I might have died. Sloan IS really the best place to go for cancer care.

Dr Stephen Veach is the best. Thank you

My husband had problems that the local urologist attributed to a kidney stone. After getting a copy of the scan report (where it clearly said "most likely renal cell carcinoma" I called Sloan. He saw a doctor two days later. He was diagnosed with a Stage 4 metastatic kidney cancer. He has had numerous procedures and each time, the doctors, nurses and even office staff - could not have been nicer. They take the time to answer questions and even found some non-cancer health issues that went unnoticed by the local doctors. I tell everyone - get to Sloan! Bottomless gratitude to Dr.s Molina, Yamada and Bilsky.

I brought my father to MSKCC many years ago for treatment of Stage IV melanoma. His doctors took exquisite care of him. He lived 15+ years longer than his doctors in Tampa had predicted -- they had given him 3-6 months. He died at the age of 81, thoroughly enjoying every minute of his life. If cancer ever arises in our family again, MSKCC is our only choice for treatment.

Terri, we’re sorry for your loss, but happy to hear your father had a good experience with Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Thank you for sharing your story.

I wake up every morning and thank God, Dr. Richard Barakat, Dr. Bockner and Dr. Mehrara for the opportunity to experience another day.

Still undergoing treatment for cervical cancer. Shout outs to my wonderful doctors...dr. alektiar, dr. Bell mcguinn, and dr. Jewell. What a great team working on my recovery! Chemo nurse lisa ...so gentle and kind. Gerard in radiation...you are the best.

My identical twin brother lewis was diagnosed in June 2007 for esophageal
cancer.God Bless Dr.Valerie W. Rusch who saved my brother's life in a long and protracted surgery rebuilding his esophageous .The doctor;s,nurses, and and the care at M.S.K.C.C. is unparaleled.This institution is filled with miracle workers who save lives.

I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary as a stage 4 cancer survivor because of Dr. David Pfister and Dr. Nancy Lee, both saved my life. I would be remiss if I did not include the entire team of nurses and clinical staff that contributed on a daily basis as well. MSK is the best cancer hospital in the word, hands down. Everyone associated with MSK is dedicated to the best possible outcome for all their patients. I never felt alone, uniformed or afraid during any of my treatments. I was always given the facts, but delivered with conviction, confidence, and always with HOPE. And in my book, without hope there is no future.

Dear Peggy, congratulations on being a 10-year survivor! We are glad to know that you have felt well-cared for by Dr. Pfister and Lee and the rest of your treatment team at MSK. We really appreciate your sharing your thoughts and experience on our blog.