U.S. News & World Report Names Memorial Sloan Kettering Top Hospital for Cancer Care in the Nation

Pictured: MSK employees

Operating room staff

We are delighted to announce that Memorial Sloan Kettering has been named the number one hospital for cancer care in the nation, according to the U.S. News & World Report 2014–15 listing of Best Hospitals. This is the 25th year in a row that Memorial Sloan Kettering has been ranked by U.S. News as a best hospital.

Among all US hospitals, Memorial Sloan Kettering was also ranked for excellence in gynecology (fourth); urology (ninth); and ear, nose, and throat (28th). Our care teams were commended as well for high performance in the fields of gastroenterology and gastrointestinal surgery and in geriatrics. We were also acknowledged this year by U.S. News as one of the top hospitals for pediatric cancer care.

“We are honored to be number one,” says President Craig Thompson. “But this recognition is really about our staff — their unflagging dedication, hard work, and compassion, which is continually on display — as well as our patients, who have placed their trust in our care. They are the number one we have in mind every single day.”

This week and in the weeks to come, we’ll be shining a light on some of our staff and patients, sharing stories from the people who help make this institution great. It’s our way of saying thanks.

The U.S. News & World Report rankings are determined using a complex set of factors. These include the hospital’s patient survival and safety data, adequacy of nurse staffing levels, and other information. For a complete list and methodology of rankings, please visit U.S. News & World Report.


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I am so proud to be a nurse at MSKCC!

Without a doubt, number 1 in my heart. To each and every one of the wonderful, compassionate people who are part of the MSKCC team, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am very surprised by this. I wonder if this survey asked any patients or deceased patients families of the level of service they received. Less than 1 year ago, my close friend was treated at MSKCC for stage IV lung cancer. My husband and I followed his care closely. He was treated so poorly, it was embarrassing. July 4th weekend, my husband and I (among other friends) were scrambling to find him an oxygen tank. The MSK caregivers were not accessible or remotely helpful. Soon thereafter, he knew his port was clogged. But the MSK angio suites were fully committed, with waiting lists "ankle deep" and they could not unclog his port with any urgency. Rather than refer him to another hospital for the simple procedure (why refer the business to someone else?!), he was left alone to suffer for 5+ days. He died shortly after without receiving much palliation-- which most in the field would consider grossly unethical. Yet, the MSK docs were quick to advise that he enroll in another trial just days before his death-- after all, he could be a useful guinea pig for their research machine until the end. Very disheartening.
Pamela Esposito, Ph.D.
Erik Stien, M.D.

Pamela, we are very sorry for your loss. Please know that our Patient Representatives are here to help address your concerns regarding your friend’s care. If you would like to discuss this further with them, you may contact them at 212-639-7202.

Amazing place for pediatric oncology. Top notch doctors, nurses and staff! Cutting edge treatments and clinical trials! It is where you want to be if your child has cancer.

I am so proud of my Daughter for being a team member of the #1 hospital for Cancer Care in the country, or as far as I'm concerned, in the world! Congradulations to you all. Aaaaaa good job.

I have been in care for the last 4 years. My treatment has been outstanding as has the fine Dr's that are treating me. The Staff are the nicest, helpful and courteous people I have ever met. I don't believe that my quality of life could be any better.

This is a stellar organization for anyone to be associated with, be it an employee, patient, friends or a relative. I am so proud to be a part of the culinary team that delivers Room Service to the patients, what they want and whenever they want!

MSKCC saved our daughter's life. She wouldn't be with us today if it weren't for the excellent care she received from the pediatric care staff.

Our doctors and nurses at MSKCC are our heroes! They are saving our baby's life! They have become like family to us! We love them all so much and can't thank them for the amazing treatments that they have discovered. If it weren't for the research done at MSKCC, my 3 year may not be here right now! These doctor's are doing everything they can to save lives everyday! We are forever thankful to all of you!

Great hospital! No doubt!

So glad I chose to have my cancer surgery here. The staff was wonderful. My room was beautiful. I was treated excellently. Of course many thanks to my Doctor and all the staff in the operating room. What a great team! MSKCC is really 1st in cancer care. Thank you.

Being raised and working most of my life and raising our family here in N.Y. recently relocated to Myrtle Beach S.C. When diagnosed with lung cancer 6 months ago I knew where my best chances for recovery were and that was here at M.S.K.C.C. The care and treatment I have received from Dr. J. Chaft and her team has been wonderful and I am on my way to beating this dreaded disease. Thank you to all the doctors , nurses and staff here at Sloan your services and dedication most definitely deserve to be ranked #1 in cancer care.

I am so fortunate to be part of our psychiatry department and to be given the opportunity to work with such an amazing patient population. My colleagues and I continue to extend support to our patients and their families.

I am so grateful to Msk and Dr.Alison Moskowitz and staff for treating my husband's stage 4 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He is in complete remission and is doing well for 5 months. I know it's too soon to tell, but never the less, they were wonderful and I wouldn't go anywhere else for cancer treatment!

After 3 failed surgeries at our local hospital, due to a doctor who didn't care and didn't take the time to do what was needed the first 2 times. We took our daughter to MSKCC in New York and met the best team of doctors ever. Dr. Boucai and her surgeon Dr. Richard Wong are the best out there. They both took the time to explain everything to us and how they would be treating her. Before, during and after her 6 hour surgery , the whole team at MSKCC were nothing professional and very compassionate . Now my daughters chances of beating this cancer our greatly improved. Thank you MSKCC for your dedication for personal care.

My mother was a patient at MSKCC. The wonderful doctors, nurses, and support staff kept her alive an extra ten years that we probably would not have had if she had gone somewhere else. I am forever grateful for the compassionate care MSKCC gave to my mother in all of her years as a patient. I wouldn't send my family or friends any place else.

I have been a patient at MSKCC for 4 years and am just starting the survivorship program. Thank you to my doctors, surgeons and every staff member I've come in contact with along this journey.

I am honored to be a member of Fred's Team helping to raise funds for MSKCC. The entire organization is amazing and our Fred's Team staff is simply incredible.

As a 9+ years ovarian cancer survivor, I have the privilege of being a patient at MSK.
i'm no surprised at all about this recognition. After all, their doctors are "la creme de la creme." Their equipment is state of the art and their human component, doctors, researchers, nurses and administrative staff are wonderful.
My Dream Team, composed of Dr. Paul Sabbatini, whose brilliant mind is equally matched by human quality. My surgeon, Dr. Yukio Sonoda, another physician whose excellency as a surgeon equals his human qualities. My Psychologist, Dr. Jean Carter, whose intelligence level is on par with her kindness.
An important component of my dream team are, Catherine, Dr. Sabbatini's immensely patient and excellent; Karen, Dr. Sonoda's nurse, always ready to kindly address my fears and questions.
A key component of my dream team is Marlene Williams, Dr. Sabbatini's assistant. She is so efficient and such a wonderful person who, despite of the hundreds of calls she gets, I always wonder how does she manage to me feel as if I was their only patient.
In my 9 years as an MSK patient, after my first chemo session following my second recurrence in 2012, I have just one constructive criticism. Their urgent care unit. Fortunately I was there only once, and only because they wanted to be sure than a shortness of breath, due to a common cold I had, was not related to anything else.
Its been the worse medical experience of my life. The place looked like a refugee camp where patients, like injured soldiers after a war, were placed on stretches on the corridors on stretchers, waiting for endless hours to be attended to. As if the scene was not scary enough, the lady doctor who was in charge at that moment, even before looking at my chart, greeted me by telling me how shocked she was that all those years with cancer, I had never been to the urgent care unit. She advised me not to call my doctor but to go directly to the Urgent Care unit, and proceeded to instruct me about the ways and doors to I enter the facility. i just avoided contact with her until I was released. Unfortunately, I bumped into her on my way out, and triumphantly said: "Well, it seems that your lungs are clear, but you do have a contagious flu, so don't take your mask off until you leave the premiss.

Never mind the lady doctor's lack of what is called bedside manner but I call lack of compassion.
The important thing is that that unit, which looks like Purgatory, be made nicer and bigger. I'm sure its been improved by now.

Dear Diana, thank you for your note. We’re glad that you have felt well-cared for by your physicians, but are sorry to hear about your experience in our Urgent Care Center. We will forward your comments to the appropriate individuals here so they are aware. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer that had metastasized to his liver in January of 2008. We were truly blessed to meet with Dr. Nancy Kemeny and her phenomenal team at that time. We have nothing but praise for any of the surgeons, nurses and staff that we have dealt with both at the treatment center on 53rd and the main hospital. Six and a half years later, he continues to be cancer free and is truly loving life!! Thank you Dr.
Kemeny and MSKCC!!!!

I am a 4 year stage IV breast cancer survivor, I am totally healthy thanks to the amazing care I receive at MSKCC, it is almost a pleasure to walk into the breast center. The staff is always extremely friendly and professional. Every single Dr. I met during the dark days of my diagnosis was amazing, Dr. Kimberly Van Zee had answers to every question I had, she called me personally several times, when my surgeries were over put me in the amazing hands of my medical oncologist Dr. Tiffany Traina , I <3 her :)....Thank you all for everything you all do every day...

I have been a patient at MSKCC for the past 5 years. I am now in the survivor program after being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. I cannot express adequately how well I was cared for by the doctors, nurses and all other staff at the hospital and physician's offices at 53rd Street - also, at the outpatient facility in Commack, NY (Long Island). I am so thankful that I decided on MSKCC for my breast surgery, chemo, etc. I believe this is the best hospital in the country for the treatment of cancer. Thank you to all at MSKCC!

I am glad to see MSK has received the recognition it deserves and loved the positive comments generated by survivors and their families have given us hope...many stage 4 cases who are now cancer free or in remission. M husband John was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer and was near death with total GOO (stomach obstruction) before we came to Sloan for treatment in November. He had suffered for 6 mos. with no diagnosis forthcoming from his doctors in Utica NY who had no idea what was wrong with him until his cancer had spread. He was near death and had to be hospitalized for a week at Sloan before Sloan could start chemo treatment. Today, he is,doing fine...a feat we once thought was a long shot ... We are now able to spend time at our home in upstate NY in between his bi-weekly chemo treatments at Sloan's Sleepy Hollow treatment facility ... He is now pain free, able to drive, mow the lawn, do yard work and is improving in strength and good health almost daily. It has been said that Sloan Kettering performs many miracles, and we are hoping John will become one of them! We would like to personally thank his surgeon, Dr. Sam Yoon, his treating medical oncologist @ Sleepy Hollow, Dr. Michelle Boyar, his initial consulting oncologist, Dr Yelena Janjigian, & every one of the other doctors, nurses and staff members, all of whom have cared (& continue to care) for John many of whom work "behind the scenes" and we have never met. ... To all of you, we express our gratitude.

My brother was diagnosed with lymphoma (T-Cell) in this small mid-western city. I called MSKCC as they so often invite their contributors to do. They were helpful on the phone and since my brother could not relocate to New York, they advised us that his doctor should call one of their doctors in NY to discuss his case. My brother's doctor did just that the very next day. The MSKCC doctor advised the local cancer doctor of an oral chemo treatment that the local cancer clinic had not heard of. I was greatly impressed and thankful with the willingness and concern that MSKCC had in this case. I have been hearing so many positive things about MSKCC from people in the medical field and now I must agree, having had a first hand experience with them.

While I agree Sloan Kettering does offer the best overall cancer care there are issues. Two doctors come to mind for their utter lack of compassion and extremely poor interpersonal skills. Urgent care is poorly managed. When in urgent care a patient is left unattended for long periods and in all of the chaos serious patient issues can be overlooked.

Dear Patricia, we’re sorry to hear about this experience. If you’d like to discuss it further with someone, you can call our patient representatives at 212-639-7202 during regular business hours. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for your comment.

MSKCC is the best. I am a 14 year survivor of ovarian cancer stage 3C. Thanks to Dr.Richard Barakat and Dr.Stuart Lichtman and their great care and concern I am feeling wonderful. Also, special thanks to two surgeons in Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Drs. Yeguez and Recio who took great care of me during an emergency in Florida. MSKCC's staff is the best...friendly and competent. Thanks to you all!! And love XO

I am an 8 year stage 4 hodgkins lymphoma survivor thanks to MSKCC! The Amazing Dr. Paul Hamlin and Dr. Craig Moskowitz and their wonderful nurses and staff especially on the M8th floor. I had the best team who cured me. I am forever grateful and just admire all the amazing work that MSKCC is doing everyday. Well deserved #1 spot!!

Quero parabenizar esse centro de excelência no tratamento do cancer.
sou médico, moro no Brasil , através das newsletters enviadas procuro ler todas, pois é muita informação preciosa que nos brinda.

I had the privilege to be a research fellow at
MSKCC some years ago and still recall the
Superb cliniciams, researchers and teachers
Who staff the hospital.MSKCC is recognised
Worldwide for its quality of care and innovation
And its recent recognition is just reward
For the dedicated staff-- well done

I am currently under dr. Kaled alektiar's care for cervical cancer. He is a wonderful doctor and I know I am in the best of hands. Every person at this hospital has been so kind and professional. Lisa, the chemo nurse, is a wonderful kind person.

I was quite literally saved from sarcoma six years ago at MSKCC by my surgeon; who still brings me a very real sense of comfort in his, and his staff's, commitment and knowledge and expertise on our visits. My oncologist has my complete trust in her knowledge about my cancer and in her honesty about what is yet to be known.
The nurses, treatment staff, the house keeping, the patient transportation personnel are all blessed with a common warmth they project as MSK staff.
It must be a wonderful place to work, everyone loves it so, and so many of the staff have a direct connection to MSK by way of one cancer or another. (You would think there would be one dissatisfied comment by a staff member in 6 years, but not to my hearing.)

I am 3 years cancer Free due to the the awesome care I received at MSKCC!
Dr Elizabeth Jewel took time to explain everything, answer any questions I had and was caring & compassionate.
My personal Physian Dr Brandi Russano was impressed at the level communication kept with her on my care. She said that was the best Doctor she has ever dealt with and wished she was on staff with her at Mt Kisco Medical Group.
I am so glad that Dr Jewel is my Oncologist!
The other staff members, Doctors and nurses were all very kind and efficient.
My care in the hospital during and after my surgery was top notch!
I have been in several hospitals and I can honestly say MSKCC is the best! Even the food during my stay was the best I'd ever had in a hospital!
Thank You!!!

I am doing a Clinical Trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering and I must say three months ago I was in bad shape, I have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma diffused large B cell medial stinal... I was at another hospital who after two attempts of rounds of chemo and 30 days of radiation not one thing worked for me, my doctor said there were not many option, I'm 44 mother of two as I'm sure that didn't sit well to me, My sister found Memorial Sloan Kettering and it has been a God sent, I was in a wheel chair with a head the size of a pumpkin hard to breath just horrible, saw Dr Craig Moskowitz and found me a clinical trial and after three treatment I was out of wheel chair and on my way to back to normal, I have a way to go but it's no where but up!!! From the staff at his office to the nurse practitioner I am always treated with care, I went from a big hospital in Philly with nightmares to a setting that was unreal you could tell these Doctors and staff where treating people with compassion and not lime a number I am so grateful to be with memorial Sloan Kettering and I would just say to anyone dealing with Cancer, it's scary enough going through it, and fighting it, but knowing you have good Doctors who care and want to beat that cancer as bad as you do helps things so much more!! The staff is great also every time I walk into that office I am treated with a smile that's the way it should be!! Hats off to Dr Craig Moskowitz office you guys are the best. Bless them for the compassion they have for helping people. Class Act

Kim, we are so glad to hear you’re happy with your care. We will forward your message to Dr. Moskowitz. Thank you for your comment!

I just wanted to express my personal thank you to all the staff at MSKCC for their personal expression of sincere kindness and care. Although I am just starting my journey with this outstanding organization, everyone from the Concierge Service, Physician referral service, Front office staff, Oncology Physician and Nurse, phlebotomist, Oncology surgery service Physician and Fellow with their staff, have been exceptionally wonderful and caring to me and my family. At MSKCC, I do not have the impression of being just being another patient, in a line of many, but as an individual who personally will be shown a direction on how to care for my disease by the expertise of this Cancer treatment organization and its physician(s) and staff. Thank you all again.

Dear Arne, thank you for your kind words. We are glad to know that you and your family have felt well-cared for!

When I learned that I had cancer, my family and I wanted to locate the best cancer center in the US. After much research, I traveled from South Carolina to MSK for surgery and treatment. I thank the MSK doctors, nurses and staff for everything. You truly are the best.

Congratulations to MSKCC for your #1 designation!! As a stage IV patient for one year (more than 70 trips to date), I have found 95% of my encounters to be with incredibly courteous, kind, professional, and extraordinarily competent people. I don't know how you gather so many in one place or how you train them, but THANK YOU!

However, I must agree with some comments about the Urgent Care unit. Not only a shabby, cramped, and dispiriting environment, but staff interaction with patients there -- and at W 53 St -- is not up to Sloan standards elsewhere. My 95% assessment also reflects unfortunate meetings with a few specialty consult docs.

However, it would be hard to get a perfect 100% in any facility, although I know Sloan is trying hard, and I appreciate their frequent requests for feedback. We are all so very lucky to have Sloan in NYC.

Sonja, thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us. We’re sorry to hear that they haven’t all been good, but glad to hear that you’ve been happy with your treatment overall.

Wonderful! Clearly the best cancer hospital in the United States.. Not only do they take care of their patients...they take care of their staff which in turn makes us (the patients) their top priority! If your looking for a specialist in your type of cancer you can ask for a recommendation, you can also google the best cancer doctors in NY and you will surely find the best in your particular type of cancer located in this world renowned hospital! Proudly a 5 1/2 year survivor and lucky to be in their Survivorship program! It's behind me now...but I feel I'll always have an edge up as I know they, the people who saved my life...will always be looking out for my future. Thank you MSK!

Dear Helenmary, thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experience on our blog. We are glad to know you have felt well-cared for at MSK!

Long long waits... limited staff, prepare 4 to 5 hours. As per one of the Sr. staff member only one Doctor on floor managing several chemo patients, emergencies and welcoming new patients. Our appointment was for 4:40 PM we arrived at 30 minutes early. We were called in consultation room at 7pm and doctor showed up at 745. Heavy meds and No dinner or water My wife blanked out. Staff lacks bed side manners. If this is what this world class institute is in my first consultation then no thanks... not sure what the treatment would be like. No thank you.... we will go somewhere else who cares and have enough staff. So many recommended for MSK but what we hoped ranked poorly in time management and customer service.

Dear Dawn, we’re very sorry to hear that you and your wife had this experience. Our Patient Representatives are committed to ensuring that your rights are respected and that your concerns are addressed. You can contact them at 212-639-7202 to discuss this in more detail. Thank you for your comment.

I am not happy at all with Sloan. My husband died a horrible death after an esophagus stent was put in. He immediately started to bleed at location of stent and his feet started to swell. He was eating a little before the stent was put in and nothing after it was installed. Started to gain weight but not eating. It was all fluid retention. Gaining 5 lbs. a day. Sloan does not know the difference between water weight and weight gained by eating. He staved to death and bleed to death. I can not back this article. What was it based on??

Dear Cheryl, we are so very sorry for your loss, and for what your husband experienced. We recommend you contact our Office of Patient Representatives to discuss your experiences. You can reach them at 212-639-7202. Thank you for your comment.