Viviane Tabar, MD, Chair of Neurosurgery, Featured Speaker in Final Installment of Kravis WiSE Symposium Series

Viviane Tabar, MD

Viviane Tabar, MD

The fourth and final Kravis WiSE Symposium lecture will feature Viviane Tabar, MD, Chair, Department of Neurosurgery; Theresa Feng Chair in Neurosurgical Oncology; Member, Cancer Biology and Genetics Program, Sloan Kettering Institute. The July 20 talk, titled “Regional Specificity in Histone Mutant Brain Tumors,” will be hosted by physician-scientist, Adrienne Boire, MD, PhD. The symposium is part of the Marie-Josée Kravis Women in Science Endeavor (WiSE), designed to provide financial and professional support to women scientists pursuing biomedical research at MSK, pledging its commitment to gender equity in science and paving the way for more women to become leaders in their field.

A distinguished and internationally-renowned surgeon-scientist, Dr. Tabar focuses her research on stem cell biology. She is the co-leader of the New York State consortium for the development of human embryonic stem cell–derived dopamine neurons for Parkinson’s disease. She has also developed strategies for cell-based therapies for the repair of radiation-induced brain injury. Dr. Tabar’s lab pioneered the use of pluripotent stem cells for brain tumor modeling, leading to novel insights into the biology of gliomas and to the discovery of candidate therapeutic targets for the disease.

This lecture will be broadcast as part of the MSK Science Spotlight series, which is available via livestream and open to all.