Watch Videos from 2011 Major Trends in Modern Cancer Research Seminar

Pictured: Major Trends in Modern Cancer Research Seminar

President and CEO Craig Thompson welcomes students and teachers to the 2011 Major Trends in Modern Cancer Research seminar.

About 400 high school students and teachers from the New York City area attended our sixth annual Major Trends in Modern Cancer Research seminar in November 2011 to learn about cutting-edge biomedical research and to engage with leading scientists.

In our new video series, you can watch Memorial Sloan Kettering President and CEO Craig Thompson’s welcoming remarks. You can also see developmental biologist Jennifer Zallen discuss the use of live imaging to understand how embryos form their shape during development, molecular biologist Iestyn Whitehouse talk about how the structure of chromatin is used to regulate fundamental biological processes, and cancer biologist Andrea Ventura explain how his lab uses genetically engineered mouse models to improve the understanding of cancer.


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Hello, I am Korean high school student.
I am very interested in cancer biology and genetics and want to major in that field in the near future. So I subscribe magazines, visit this website and watch videos to get more information. I really want to attend in this annual Major Trends in Modern Cancer Reaserch but I don't know how I can attend. It seems like only for New York high school students and teachers, but is there any way that I can attend in this annual seminar? I don't mind flying in an airplane for like 14 hours if I can attend in this seminar. I hope you understand my situation and give me some information about how I can attend. Also, I really thank you for providing this fantastic website. It really helped me to have dream and work harder.

Then, can I really go to New York and attend in that seminar?

Yes, if you are interested in attending, you can contact the program.

Wow~~!! that's really cool
Would you please tell me when and where it will take place?