When Seeds of Discovery Blossom Into Breakthroughs

Learn how MSK is making strides in new treatments for neuroblastoma.

Just one discovery is all it takes. One thought, one inspired question can spark a cascade of new treatments that can change the lives of people with cancer worldwide.

For more than two decades, experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering have researched and developed antibodies to help treat a rare and often deadly cancer of the nerve tissue called neuroblastoma. With funding support from many sources — from the Band of Parents foundation, Kids Walk, and Fred’s Team, among others — our researchers found a way to provide hope by offering these drugs through clinical trials.

One breakthrough. One seed of an idea. One child at a time.

With two important new drugs, MSK doctors are offering hope of a cure for children with advanced neuroblastoma. We’re on the cusp of sharing these exciting new treatment options with the world. The therapies, called omburtamab and naxitamab, offer real hope — and possibly even a cure — for children with advanced neuroblastoma when few options previously existed.

New Treatments Offer Hope

Recently, two drugs developed at MSK for advanced neuroblastoma hit a significant milestone in their development. Meet the two researchers leading the way in bringing these breakthrough therapies to patients everywhere.

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Neuroblastoma expert Nai-Kong Cheung

Medical oncologist Nai-Kong Cheung developed two drugs for neuroblastoma and has spent years studying them in clinical trials.


Go Gold for Pediatric Cancer 

Each September, one of the world’s best-known landmarks goes gold to support Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. MSK families rallied together to help bring the event to Times Square beginning in 2013. Neuroblastoma expert Stephen Roberts spoke at this year’s event about the importance of ongoing pediatric cancer research.

MSK neuroblastoma expert Stephen Roberts

Neuroblastoma expert Stephen Roberts speaks at the Times Square Goes Gold event in September 2018.

MSK patient Reese and her mom

MSK patient Reese and her mom attend the 2018 Go Gold event in Times Square.

MSK patients, parents, and doctors at Go Gold event

MSK patients, parents, and Dr. Roberts join together to raise awareness for pediatric cancers.

Our Patients & Doctors
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Meet Trey, who is healthy today because of groundbreaking neuroblastoma treatments pioneered at MSK.
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FDA Grants Breakthrough Therapy Designation to Metastatic Neuroblastoma Treatment
Aggressive forms of neuroblastoma will spread to the brain even if initial treatment is effective. A new drug called omburtamab, which was created at MSK, offers real hope and even a cure for children with this disease.
FDA Grants Breakthrough Therapy Designation to Naxitamab for Neuroblastoma
Developed by physician-scientist Nai-Kong Cheung, naxitamab helps stimulate a patient’s own immune system to destroy the neuroblastoma cells.