This information describes the common uses of Camu-camu, how it works, and its possible side effects.

Common Name

Camu-camu, Cacari, Camu Berry, Zamu

How It Works

Camu-camu has not been shown to prevent or treat cancer in humans.

Camu-camu is a small plant that grows in South America. Laboratory studies and a small study in humans have shown that the fruits have anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. More research is needed. Because camu-camu has high amounts of vitamin C, it can interfere with certain chemo drugs.

Purported Uses

  • Immunostimulation
    There is no scientific evidence to support this use.
  • Atherosclerosis
    A small study in smokers showed that camu-camu may protect again atherosclerosis. More studies are needed.
  • Arthritis
    This claim is not backed by scientific research.

Do Not Take If

You are taking chemotherapy drugs (camu-camu has high amounts of vitamin C, which can interfere with their activity).