Scutellaria barbata
Scutellaria barbata
This information describes the common uses of Scutellaria barbata, how it works, and its possible side effects.

Common Name

Barbat skullcap, Ban Zhi Lian, Banjiryun

How It Works

Scutellaria barbata has been studied for its anticancer effects. More research is needed.

S. barbata is an herb found in Korea and southern China. It is used with other herbs in traditional Chinese medicine to treat bacterial infections, hepatitis, and tumors. Laboratory studies have shown S. barbata can limit the growth of cancer cells. It is also effective against some bacteria. Small studies show that S. barbata may benefit patients with advanced breast cancer. Further studies are needed.

Purported Uses

  • Hepatitis
    Scientific evidence is lacking.
  • Bacterial infections
    There is evidence from laboratory studies that supports this use.
  • Cancer treatment
    Laboratory studies have shown that S. barbata has anticancer properties across a range of cancers. Small studies report that it may have benefits in patients with advanced breast cancer.

Do Not Take If

  • You are allergic to S. barbata.
  • You are pregnant.

Side Effects

None reported