Carma Bylund, PhD

Director, Communication Skills Research and Training Laboratory


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PhD, Northwestern University

Associate Attending Behavioral Scientist

I am a researcher and teacher whose areas of expertise are clinician-patient communication and family communication about health. My primary research interest is developing, implementing, and assessing interventions to improve patient and clinician communication, with an emerging focus on working with medically underserved populations. I also am currently working in the areas of doctor-patient communication about internet information, empathic communication in the medical encounter, training faculty to teach communication skills, and family communication about genetics. I have extensive experience in developing and implementing coding systems for audio or video-recorded doctor-patient communication and teaching communication skills to clinicians.

I am the Director of the Communication Skills Research and Training Laboratory, which aims to develop research initiatives to further the field of clinician-patient communication and to provide communication skills training. In the Comskil Training Program, we provide communication training and feedback to an array of physicians, fellows, residents and nurses in various areas including medical, surgical, and radiation oncology; pain and palliative care; critical care; and pediatrics.