Integrated Genomics Operation (IGO)

Agnès Viale (Core Head)



The Integrated Genomics Operation (IGO) at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) is a collaborative core facility dedicated to generating high-quality genomics data for basic, translational, and clinical research projects. Our core is focused on Illumina Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) while also providing comprehensive genomics services including pathological review of tissue samples, fragment analysis, Sanger sequencing, and much more.

In order to rapidly produce high-quality genomics data, our core utilizes the most innovative technologies available. IGO houses a full range of Illumina NGS instruments, maximizing our flexibility for a multitude of sequencing applications from small targeted sequencing to high-coverage human whole genome sequencing. For more specific information, please check out the Services tab on the left to learn more about the various platforms currently supported by IGO.

Our core is committed to accommodating all researchers, from those planning their first genomics experiment to seasoned NGS experts. After samples are submitted, we provide comprehensive quality and quantity checks, as well as processing recommendations along the way. In addition, IGO evaluates and invests in new technologies enabling cutting edge research at MSK, ranging from foundational basic science to translational and precision medicine.