Fundraising Privacy Practices

Donor Information

We do not share email addresses. On occasion, Memorial Sloan Kettering may share its donor names and postal mailing addresses with other non-profit organizations. This allows us to save money and is carefully monitored.

You may use our online form to opt-out of the process and/or request that Memorial Sloan Kettering not contact you in the future.

Memorial Sloan Kettering adheres to applicable rules and regulations of appropriate federal, state, and local agencies, and to the accreditation standards of the Joint Commission for Accreditation and Certification of Health care Organizations. Consistent with federal and state regulations, Memorial Sloan Kettering maintains privacy and information security programs and implements safeguards to ensure compliance with policy, procedure and standards for the access, use and disclosure of sensitive information.

Athletic Events

Participants in our athletic fundraising events may, on occasion, receive email communications to inform them about other athletic events that benefit Memorial Sloan Kettering. To opt-out of these communications please email:

Fred’s Team

Cycle for Survival