Andy Ni

Assistant Attending Biostatistician

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Current Research Interests

Dr. Ni’s current methodological research interests include the design and analysis of large-scale observational studies and cancer clinical trials. In his dissertation Dr. Ni developed a regularized variable selection method for case-cohort studies with survival outcome. At MSKCC, he continues to develop efficient variable selection methods under various outcome-dependent sampling designs. These methods are particularly useful for prognostic and predictive biomarker discovery from large cancer databases with high-dimensional gene mutation and expression variables. Dr. Ni primarily collaborates with thoracic and lymphoma oncologists to conduct clinical research. He is currently working on various projects include evaluation of circulating tumor DNA as a novel diagnostic and prognostic tool, identification of predictive biomarkers for response to cancer immunotherapy, and investigation of time to treatment as potential surrogate of overall survival in lymphoma patients. He also participates in the design of clinical trials of different phases.


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