Chelsea Chin

Pictured: Chelsea Chin

I am a clinical social worker with special training in palliative and end-of-life care, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychosocial interventions for children who have a parent with cancer. I currently work with people receiving care in our inpatient Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Orthopedic Services. I counsel people and their families throughout the trajectory of an illness. I also lead support groups for patients, caregivers, and hospital employees. I have a particular interest in the use of photography to illustrate and explore the narrative of those facing cancer. I joined Memorial Sloan Kettering in 2011.


Advanced Clinical Practice, New York University Silver School of Social Work
Palliative Care and End-of-Life Care, New York University Silver School of Social Work
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training for Cancer Clinicians, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
CLIMB Program

Degrees and Licensures

Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW), Columbia University School of Social Work
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-R)