Deborah Kuk, ScM

Research Biostatistician

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Johns Hopkins University

Current Research Interests

Ms. Kuk’s primary collaboration has been with Dr. Ann Zauber on the National Colonoscopy Study (NCS), a multi-center, randomized controlled trial that investigates colorectal cancer screening with a program of FOBT versus colonoscopy. She has worked on NCS projects that compare the adherence and colonoscopy outcomes of the two screening methods. Ms. Kuk also works with Dr. Mithat Gonen on projects in surgery for the hepatopancreatobiliary, gastric and mixed tumor, and colorectal services. She and Dr. Gonen have also worked on a number of radiology studies that examine the relationship between DCE-MRI parameters with clinical and survival outcomes; and the agreement between CT, FDG and FDHT scans. Other clinical collaborations include the thoracic, radiation oncology, melanoma and sarcoma services.


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Cheung N-KV, Ostrovnaya I, Kuk D, Cheung IY. Bone marrow minimal residual disease was an early response marker and a consistent independent predictor of survival following anti-GD2 immunotherapy. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2015 Mar 1;33(7):755-63.

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