Emily Craig Zabor, MS

Senior Research Biostatistician

Emily Craig Zabor, Senior Research Biostatistician

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University of Minnesota

Emily’s primary collaboration is with the breast surgery service, where she works on numerous projects related to treatment and outcomes following surgery for breast cancer. In addition, Emily works on projects with the renal service and exercise physiology. Emily also collaborates internally with a number of investigators. Emily and Dr. Helena Furberg have studied the impact of smoking intensity and duration on prognosis in urologic cancers, including bladder and kidney cancer, and are now actively investigating the role of BMI and metabolic health on prognosis. Emily and Dr. Talya Salz are collaborating to build predictive models for cardiac outcomes among lymphoma survivors. Finally, Emily and Dr. Colin Begg have worked to develop statistical methods to assess etiologic heterogeneity. Together they have pursued analyses in both case-control as well as case-only settings and among both single primary and double primary cancers including melanoma, breast and kidney cancer.


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