Howard Tzvi Thaler, PhD

Associate Attending Biostatistician

Howard Tzvi Thaler, PhD

Associate Attending Biostatistician

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Current Research Interests

Dr. Thaler’s current research interests center on data analytic paradigms that utilize data transformations and dimension-reduction techniques to obtain parsimonious and informative statistical models. He applies the strategies to analyze clinical and laboratory data, as well as to investigate properties of new statistical methods by Monte Carlo simulation. He continues to expand collaboration with the Strategic Planning, Quality Assurance and Quality of Care Initiative Groups of Hospital Administration to explore information retrieved from the MSKCC Institutional Data Base (IDB), with the goal of developing metrics and statistical models of trends in demographic, clinical and geographic profiles of patients undergoing several modalities of active treatment throughout the MSKCC health care system. This work includes studies such as comparative effectiveness, risk factors for hospital re-admission or surgical complications, and clinical outcome benchmarks in patient subpopulations. He has continued to work on the following applications: clinical and cognitive outcomes and statistical characterization of sequential measurements of tumor markers in ovarian cancer patients; outcomes research pertaining to critical care medicine; cardiac and pulmonary complications among surgical patients; and clinical and laboratory studies using various medical imaging techniques, including PET scanning, MR spectroscopy, dynamic contrast enhanced MRI, and bioluminescent imaging. He has also revisited a prior interest in studies conducted by the Palliative Medicine Service.


SUNY Buffalo


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