Janhvi Patel

Digital Ventures Lead

Janhvi Patel, Digital Ventures Lead

Janhvi Patel serves as Digital Ventures Lead in MSK’s Office of Technology Development, where she focuses on technology and data innovation.  Prior to joining MSK in 2018, Janhvi was Vice President of Strategic Partners at Cota Healthcare, where she identified, negotiated, and managed data and technology partnerships to drive organizational growth.  

Previously, Janhvi worked at IBM Watson, where she led business development across healthcare for the Watson Ecosystem, establishing a portfolio of partnerships focused on developing AI-enabled products. Additionally, she spent several years as a Management Consultant within IBM Global Business Services’ Strategy and Analytics Consulting unit, with a focus on commercial strategy and organizational transformation for life sciences and provider organizations. Prior to IBM, Janhvi worked at Merck & Co., where she managed sales for the largest primary care network in the northeast. 

Janhvi received her MBA degree from Duke University, and a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Biochemistry from the State University of New York, Geneseo College.