Margie A. Hunt, MS

Chief, Radiotherapy Physics; Vice Chair, Radiotherapy Physics

Pictured: Margie A. Hunt, MS

I am a board-certified medical physicist specializing in the design and delivery of external beam radiation therapy.

My clinical activities include maintaining and improving the quality of radiation therapy for patients. I also provide technical support and consultation services related to radiation treatment planning for radiation oncologists and therapists. I have a special interest in patient safety and am involved in efforts to improve safety in the Departments of Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics. I am also actively involved in teaching and mentoring radiation oncology and medical physics residents.

My research focuses on the design of radiation treatment planning and delivery techniques for patients with prostate, breast, and head and neck cancers using intensity-modulated radiotherapy, which increases radiation exposure to tumors while sparing normal tissue. I am also interested in developing new ways to use megavoltage and kilovoltage imaging to account for breathing and other movement during treatment planning and delivery of external beam radiotherapy.