Michael Curry, MA, MS

Research Biostatistician II
Michael Curry


Northwestern University

Current Research Interest

As a biostatistician at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Michael collaborates with physicians and completes statistical analyses for studies involving large observational databases such as the NCI’s Surveillance and Epidemiology End Results Program (SEER) registry linked to Medicare data, NCDB, VolPACT, and other observational databases. Studies are generally focused on describing real-world trends in cancer care and comparing outcomes for cancer treatments. In addition to these data sources, he has been working with childhood cancer survivor study (CCSS) data describing long-term effects of cancer in the pediatric population. Along with working on real-world data analyses, Michael is the data custodian for large registry databases at MSK and ensures PIs are adhering to IRB protocols and data use agreements.


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