Rita Krishtul

Program Analyst Specialist

Rita Krishtul

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Current Work Interests

One of the Computing Resource Group’s two senior project managers, Rita is responsible for the management of many of the most complex projects of the Clinical Research Database (CRDB), including the Adaptive Immune Cell Therapy laboratory system, projects for the Clinical Genetics department, Cell Marker Laboratory, the CDUS applications for data submission to the National Cancer Institute and maintenance of CRDB users’ accounts.

She designed and implemented Web Service solution of Oracle Application Server (OAS), including OAS configuration and maintenance. Rita also created the working interface for developers to handle Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports with the OAS and various templates (reports, procedures, functions) to optimize team coding. She extended Oracle Forms functionality by implementing WebUtil utilities set of components using Pluggable Java Component mechanism and OAS. Her design and implementation of the unique Barcode technology to print barcode labels from Oracle Forms based on EPL2 language are used in many laboratories of MSKCC.