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Sarah Ward, Visiting Investigator

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The University of Western Australia

Dr. Sarah Ward has joined the Department as a Visiting Investigator from the University of Western Australia. She recently received a four-year Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Fellowship and will be conducting the first two years of this award at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Her research primarily focuses on the genetic epidemiology of melanoma and her current work centers on identifying genetic and environmental determinants of poor survival, as well as the influence of gene:environment interactions. She also has a strong interest in the genetic factors associated with poor scar outcomes post-melanoma excision.  Dr. Ward was heavily involved in the establishment of the Western Australian Melanoma Health Study (WAMHS) and this cohort of melanoma cases forms the basis for many of her studies. She also collaborates widely with other local, national and international melanoma investigators, including those from the Genes, Environment and Melanoma (GEM) study and the GenoMEL consortium. Dr Ward has also had experience working with large, linked health data sets, which she used to investigate aggregation patterns of melanoma and other cancers in the Western Australian population. Her broader research interests extend to other areas of cancer genetics and epidemiology, and she has been involved in projects investigating risk stratification models for colorectal cancer and the determinants of mammographic density.