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Siok Leong

Research Technician

Siok Leong, Research Technician

Office Phone

(212) 639-8947

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Siok (’Jessie’) Leong received a BS in Biotechnology from the Monash University in Malaysia in 2006, and a MS in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from the St. John’s University (Queens, N.Y) in 2011. Before coming to Memorial Sloan Kettering, Jessie spent three years working in the production of recombinant virus for drug development.

Jessie joined the Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory in June of 2014. She is involved in studies designed to unveil the effect of the individuals’ genetic background in relation to response to treatment and risk of cancer progression and/or cognitive changes. Her daily activities include among others, processing incoming specimens, performing experiments, and interpreting the obtained results.