Vanessa Marcell, MS, LCGC

Vanessa Marcell, MS, LCGC

Appointments for New Patients


Blending my interest in genetics and education with a passion for clinical care, I help adults understand their chances of having a hereditary cancer, their options for genetic testing, and how testing results could impact their lives and those of their relatives. I feel privileged to be part of patients’ treatment journeys, to educate them about the ever-evolving field of hereditary cancer genetics, and to discuss research opportunities at MSK.

I am a faculty member of Sarah Lawrence College’s Joan H. Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics. I am also involved with the National Society of Genetic Counselors and its cancer special interest group.

My clinical expertise is in cancer risk counseling and genetic predispositions to cancer, inherited breast cancer risk counseling, and cancer genetics clinical research.


MS, The Mount Sinai School of Medicine


American Board of Genetic Counseling

Degrees and Licensures

Licensure in New Jersey