HPC Cloud


Individuals and groups at MSK can obtain access to Amazon cloud services that fit within all MSK Information System policy guidelines. These services will be facilitated through the Amazon Web Console via the “Service Catalog”. Users will be presented with a simple interface enabling the creation of virtual services. Initial portfolio items in the service catalog will include the ability to create virtual servers. Eventually, additional services will be offered and added to the growing portfolio of cloud services within AWS at MSK.

Cloud Resources:

Amazon Web Services (AWS):

Service Catalog managed offerings to SKI and MSK users offer:

  • EC2 Instances (variety of linux options)
  • RDS instances (Mysql and Postgresql instances) MongoDB instances
  • S3 Storage Buckets

HPC Projects:

  • Internet 2 connectivity to AWS Data centers
  • S3 data sharing hub for inside and outside collaborators VPC offerings for system hosting
  • HPC Storage and Compute hybridization

Departmental Accounts:

  • Users manage their own services within the enterprise constraints applied at the master account level.

Azure – Microsoft Cloud resources

  • Departmental accounts available and managed by HPC group