Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

We are seeking a highly-motivated scientist to provide experienced laboratory and managerial support for the Molecular Cytogenetics Core Facility. Responsibilities will include assisting the Core Manager in day-to-day processing of all service requests; providing expert review of prepared karyotypes and other experimental results; maintaining microscopes and digital imaging systems, including regular data backup; participating in core casework including tissue culture, metaphase preparation, FISH and karyotyping; maintaining experimental quality control; and assisting in the development and implementation of new technology.

Mailing Address

Gouri Nanjangud, PhD
Molecular Cytogenetics Core Facility
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
1275 York Ave, Box 362
New York, NY 10065




Job Title

Lab Track (Non-Tenure)


Senior Research Scientist

Application Requirements

The successful candidate should have a PhD degree in Biological Sciences, or equivalent, with an emphasis on Genetics & Cytogenetics, plus a minimum of 5 years practical experience in Cytogenetics, including Molecular Cytogenetics. Applicants must be fully competent in human and mouse karyotype analysis and have substantial experience in FISH and tissue culture, as well as familiarity with one or more commercial cytogenetics imaging systems. Experience in relevant molecular biology techniques (DNA isolation, PCR, DNA labeling) or immunohistochemistry will be an advantage. Thorough competency in written and spoken English is expected.