Senior Research Scientist


Mouse Genetics Core Facility (MGCF) at MSK (New York, NY) is seeking a highly motivated and talented individual with a background in mouse genetics and genetic engineering to serve as a Senior Research Scientist. MGCF is a research support facility which provides investigators with a range of technical expertise to generate and maximize the utility of genetically engineered mouse (GEM) models. Our operation is built around 3 pillars of expertise areas, namely molecular and cell biology to generate essential reagents for genetic engineering, embryo manipulation to produce GEM lines, and reproductive biology to facilitate propagation and use of GEM models. A candidate for this position is expected to be, not only adept at integrating these areas of expertise to support broad research needs of the investigators, but also capable of driving research efforts for the development and implementation of relevant new technologies.

The ideal candidate should have:

  • A PhD or equivalent degree in biomedical science or related field with minimum 3 years of successful post-doctoral research experience.
  • Solid scientific background in mouse molecular genetics and embryology, embryonic stem cell technology, and/or reproductive biology.
  • Demonstrated record of scientific publications.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills to effectively interact with investigators with broad research interests.
  • Enthusiasm and ability to drive collaborative research activities for effective GEM production platform, technology development, and implementation.


Please send a cover letter/statement outlining your research accomplishments and career goals along with a CV with names/contact information of three references via email to:

Yas Furuta

Head, MGCF

[email protected]