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Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers are relentlessly exploring every aspect of cancer — from basic investigations of cells and molecules to clinical trials of new treatments and population-wide studies of the disease. While our core mission is to translate this knowledge into new strategies to control cancer, many of our investigators are also making scientific progress against other diseases and conditions.

Below are some examples of discoveries and advances that recently were made in our laboratories and clinics, and featured in our news stories.

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SKI scientists David Scheinberg and Derek Tan
Sloan Kettering Institute Scientists Retool CAR T Cells to Serve as ‘Micropharmacies’ for Cancer Drugs
These souped-up versions may help overcome some limitations of existing CAR T cells.
Charles Sawyers, a hematologic oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
A Conversation with MSK’s Charles Sawyers: What’s Next for Precision Oncology
Twenty years ago, Charles Sawyers played a pivotal role in the development of Gleevec, a game-changing cancer drug that has gone on to save millions of lives and open doors for research and innovation. In this episode, Dr. Diane Reidy-Lagunes talks with Dr. Sawyers about what’s next in the field of cancer pharmaceuticals. Is another silver bullet on the horizon?
SKI immunologist Andrea Schietinger
Discovery of a Stem-like T Cell in Type 1 Diabetes Holds Potential for Improving Cancer Immunotherapy, Sloan Kettering Institute Scientists Say
As an autoimmune disease, Type 1 diabetes raises important questions about immune cell activity that have broad implications for immunotherapy.
Yonina Murciano-Goroff, Jenny Xue, Bob Li, Piro Lito, and Yulei Zhao.
MSK Researchers Are Learning Why Some Patients Develop Resistance to ‘Landmark’ Lung Cancer Drug
A paper from MSK researchers reports that resistance to sotorasib, a new targeted drug for lung cancer, can be caused by many different molecular changes.
MSK cancer biologist Triparna Sen
Scientists Learn More about How Lung Cancer Becomes Resistant to Drugs
By switching from one cellular identity to another, lung cancer cells can evade targeted therapies. MSK scientists are trying to stop that from happening.
Memorial Sloan Kettering thoracic surgeon Prasad Adusumilli
New Finding Could Predict Which People with Lung Cancer Will Benefit from Chemotherapy
Researchers identify a biomarker that could predict which lung cancer patients will respond to chemotherapy.
Charles Rudin and Dana Pe'er
Molecular Atlas of Small Cell Lung Cancer Reveals Unusual Cell Type That Could Explain Why It’s So Aggressive
Stem-like cells that make up only a tiny fraction of the total cells in a lung tumor could be the key to stopping the disease’s deadly spread, say researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering.
Katharine Hsu and Rosa Sottile
Unusual Immune Cell Type Could Be Good Target for Immunotherapy
Part natural killer, part T cell, this hybrid immune cell has a “double sword” for fighting cancer.
fruits and vegetables
Food as Medicine: How MSK Is Helping Latinx Cancer Patients Eat Right
Discover how Memorial Sloan Kettering is teaming up with local hospitals to promote healthy eating in the Latinx community.
Man holding an IUD
To Detect Ovarian Cancer Early, Researchers Look to Nanotechnology
Could an implantable IUD help detect cancer early, when it is most curable? Scientists at the Sloan Kettering Institute are betting yes.