Recent MSK Discoveries & Advances


Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers are relentlessly exploring every aspect of cancer — from basic investigations of cells and molecules to clinical trials of new treatments and population-wide studies of the disease. While our core mission is to translate this knowledge into new strategies to control cancer, many of our investigators are also making scientific progress against other diseases and conditions.

Below are some examples of discoveries and advances that recently were made in our laboratories and clinics, and featured in our blog, On Cancer.

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Four dogs wearing blue bandanas are held on leashes in a hallway at Memorial Hospital. Three handlers are seen only from the waist down.
Top Dogs: Meet MSK’s Four-Legged Volunteers
The Caring Canines program at Memorial Sloan Kettering has been going strong for more than 12 years.
In the Lab
An illustration of a samurai riding a horse along a strand of RNA. The samurai’s sword is changing the letter A to the letter I.
Novel Tool Enables Study of Rare Acute Myeloid Leukemia Stem Cells
MSK investigators have used a lab tool originally developed to study fly nerve cells to uncover new findings about acute myeloid leukemia.
In the Lab
Bacteroides bacteria under the microscope
Research Uncovers Details about How Gut Microbes Influence the Immune System
Investigators have shown how gut microbes promote the formation of a type of immune cell called regulatory T cells.
In the Lab
A drawing of a pancreatic tumor represented as a barren landscape, blood vessels as rivers, and immune cells as ships with ammunition.
Drug Combination Could Boost the Effectiveness of Immunotherapy against Pancreatic Cancer
Studies conducted in mice reveal a potential way to breach the defenses of pancreatic cancer tumors.
In the Clinic
The latest results come from a team of MSK physicians and scientists (from left to right): Bob Li, Hai-Yan Tu, Mackenzie Myers, Flavia Michelini, Emiliano Cocco, Sandra Misale, and Maurizio Scaltriti
Back-to-Back Studies Support the Use of HER2-Targeted Therapies in Multiple Cancers
Results from a clinical trial and animal studies provide support for targeting the HER2 protein in multiple cancer types.
In the Clinic
blood tube laying atop DNA sequence
Liquid Biopsy Can Guide Treatment for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer
By identifying mutations found in a person’s cancer, this blood test can help doctors tailor treatments to those most likely to benefit.
In the Clinic
A woman receives a mammogram, and two technicians help her.
What’s the Best Way to Screen for Breast Cancer? Abbreviated MRI Beats 3-D Mammography, but Research Is Ongoing
Experts at MSK are exploring more-advanced screening techniques with the goal of detecting breast cancer earlier.
In the Lab
black and white image of cells under a microscope
Researchers Discover Stem Cells That May Drive Aggressive Behavior in Glioblastoma
Researchers have discovered uncanny similarities between cells found in brain tumors and a type of stem cell that’s important for building the brain during fetal development.
In the Lab
Illustration of T cells (orange) attacking a cancer cell (yellow).
What’s Next in Immunotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer? New Immune Cell Type May Be Key
Researchers find a potential new route to making immunotherapy work better in pancreatic cancers and possibly others.
In the Lab
An illustration of lung develop alongside tumor evolution
Shape-Shifting Stem Cells Are Key to Cancer Metastasis and Immune Evasion
By assuming primitive regenerative identities, cancer cells gain the adaptability they need to establish tumors in new parts of the body.