Apparatus that Facilitates Cell Growth and Screening under Variable Hydrostatic Pressures


Summary of Invention

The invention provides an apparatus and a method for growing cells in a 2D cell cassette having a matrix for cell growth under varying pressures. This device could be used as an effective screening tool to perform simultaneous testing of various chemotherapeutic agents in multiple culture wells. It is also useful for growing tumor cells that typically grow under relatively high interstitial pressure. Traditional drug testing using standard cluster plates cannot duplicate this important physiological variable.


  • Allows growth of tumor cells under different hydrostatic pressures
  • Useful screening tool that simultaneously tests multiple chemotherapeutic agents in cells under varying pressures
  • Incorporates the functionality of the standard 96 well cluster plate

Area of Application

Apparatus, process/method

Stage of Development

  • In vitro cell study completed
  • Efforts underway to fabricate units and test functionality

Lead Inventor

Gene DiResta, PhD

Patent Information

U.S. patents issued:


Contact Information

Alexandra Buga, MS, MBA
Licensing Associate

Stage of Development

Ready to use