An Effective Cancer Vaccine Combination


Summary of Invention

This invention is a therapeutic DNA or peptide vaccine comprised of the tumor endothelial marker 8 (TEM8) and an antigen from a pathogen or a cancer. TEM8 acts as an adjuvant effective at enhancing T cell responses and T cell-dependent antibody responses. This invention allows for the development of a very general TEM8-based vaccine that may be used for a range of diseases including cancer, and bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

One problem that frequently is encountered in the course of active immunization is that the antigens used in the vaccine are not sufficiently immunogenic to induce a strong cell-mediated immunity. Alum is the only approved vaccine adjuvant, but is weak and ineffective in inducing T cell responses. This invention provides therefore an effective way to create improved vaccines.


Induces a potent anti-tumor and anti-pathogen T-cell response immunity response.

Areas of Application

DNA/protein vaccines for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.

Stage of Development

Pre-clinical in vivo studies show that the combination provides tumor protection and tumor-free survival in 93% of the mice, compared to 0-40% when the mice were treated with either antigen alone.

Lead Inventor

Polly D. Gregor, PhD, Associate Laboratory Member, Immunology Program, Sloan Kettering Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering

Patent Information

  • PCT application published: WO2007/109360
  • National stage applications in Australia, Europe, U.S.

Contact Information

Yashodhara Dash, MBBS, PhD, MBA, CLP
Director, Technology Management and Commercialization
Tel: 646-888-1073

Stage of Development

Animal studies