Research Faculty & Staff

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The Nikolaus Schultz Lab

Adam Abeshouse

Bioinformatics Software Engineer I

The Morgan Huse Lab

Thushara Preeni Abeyweera, PhD

Research Fellow

The Charles Sawyers Lab

Wassim Abida, MD, PhD

Assistant Attending, Laboratory Member

The Charles Sawyers Lab

Dominique Abita

Assistant to the Chairman

The Jason Lewis Lab

Diane Abou, PhD

Research Scholar

The Jedd Wolchok Lab

Mohsen Abu-Akeel

Research Technician

The Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis Lab

Abderhman Abuhashem

Graduate Student Research Interests I am interested in applying cutting-edge tools, such as single-cell live-imaging, single cell transcriptomics, and genetic editing...

The Richard O'Reilly Lab

Rachel Acevedo

Research Technician

The Alan Hanash Lab

Diana Achaibar

Office Coordinator

The Joan Massagué Lab

Swarnali Acharyya, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology, Columbia University