Senior Research Technician – Lymphoma Research


Research within our lab focuses on identifying disease biomarkers that could predict which lymphoma patients will benefit from new targeted therapies. We are a currently seeking a Senior Research Technician to assist investigators in the conduct of various research activities of the laboratory. 

As a Senior Research Technician you will:

  • Perform routine and complex tests procedures accurately according to the laboratory procedure manuals
  • Maintain cell lines routinely used in the laboratory.
  • Culture primary cells, continuous cell lines and primary tissues.
  • Prepare whole cell, cytosolic and nuclear extracts, isolate and purify RNA & DNA.
  • Perform cell proliferation assays, Chromatin Immunoprecipitation, Western Blot, PCR, ELISA, microscopy, flow cytometry
  • Record data, keeps computer files and prepares summaries for audits.  
  • Attend lab meetings and reports technical lab procedures on a routine basis.
  • Assist in the organization of the laboratory.
  • Attend biosafety lectures as required and keeps abreast of developments in the field. 

Application Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or Biology with 2+ years of relevant laboratory experience.

Interested candidates should email CV to: Zari Asgari. email: