The Gynecology Research Laboratory is a disease-focused laboratory investigating the genomic basis of ovarian and uterine cancers for the purpose of improving prevention and control of these diseases. We are particularly interested in advancing opportunities for individualized therapy for women with gynecologic malignancies through integrated and functional genomic approaches. Our goal is to create new knowledge that will translate into clinical utility to improve the standard of care for ovarian and endometrial carcinoma. We have long studied the translational and biologic aspects of BRCA dysfunction as related to risk of disease and homologous recombination deficiency. We use an extensive biospecimen resource housed in the laboratory to study human tumors and validate discoveries with additional in vitro experimentation.

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Pictured: Douglas Levine

Douglas A. Levine, MD, FACOG, FACS

Research Focus

Physician-scientist Douglas Levine studies the genomic basis for prevention and control of ovarian and uterine carcinomas.

Lab Members