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Gikas S. Mageras, PhD
Gikas S. Mageras, PhD
Attending Staff

As Chief of the Computer Service, I coordinate the activities of a team of medical physicists, programmer/analysts, and computer management staff in developing and supporting advanced computer applications that service the departments of Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology, and Radiology. A major focus of the team is the development of computer systems for external radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

My own research interests have focused on improving the accuracy of radiation therapy by developing new patient imaging and treatment techniques to locate tumors more precisely and to reduce the movement of internal organs during treatment.


Gikas S. Mageras, PhD

Gikas S. Mageras, PhD

Attending Staff

  • Medical physicist Gikas Mageras focuses on radiation treatment planning and verification using CT images to guide radiation treatment and monitor and correct for patient internal and external movement during treatment delivery.
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  • Best Radiation Oncology Article, American College of Medical Physics (2009)
  • Principal Investigator, "Respiratory Motion-Reduced Cone-Beam CT Guidance of Radiotherapy in Lung & Liver," Award 5R01 CA126993, National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute (2008-2013)
  • Fellow, American Association of Physicists in Medicine (2006)

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